Monday, December 6, 2010

Building a cage!

It's not finished yet...we're still waiting on the coroplast, but Operation Guinea Pig is a go! I'm having so much fun picking out accessories and toys for my little piggies! It took my boyfriend and I 4hrs to get all the supplies you see here. I don't know how the holiday shoppers do it! It was a madhouse out there! 
This is the C&C cage we built. I obviously picked out the blankets and fabric. (My boyfriend is putting his masculinity aside by allowing Hello Kitty into our apartment, hee!) We still need to reinforce the bottom with coroplast (corrugated plastic) and wrap the ramp with fleece but I'm quite proud of it so far. It's a 2x4 cage with a 1x2 loft (kitchen area).
The materials were a BITCH to find. We went to four different stores to find these grids (finally found them at Bed Bath and Beyond, fyi). We used over 100 zip ties and two packets of those storage cube grids. We'll have to go to a sign shop to get the coroplast, but all in was a fun way to spend a Saturday. 
Because we'll be traveling for the holidays, it would be irresponsible to pick up the guinea pigs now (as much as I would love to!) When the cage is finished and when we're back in town, we'll begin the actual adoption process! We plan to adopt two little girl piggies from a local rescue. I'll keep you guys updated on our progress! 


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