Friday, November 16, 2012

Smexxxy Friday (Glass)

I've always wanted to publicize my love for glass toys! Glass toys are really like works of art. My most favorite, beautiful piece in my toy chest right now is the Dichroic Wrapped G-Spot dildo from Phallix Glass. (Review) Set me back $179 but it is well worth the price! Sooooooo pretty! It sparkles like a unicorn horn!
 Glass is unique because you can experiment with temperature play. Warm it up or cool it down. Me likes it either way! Also, the texture of glass is so much harder than anything you will ever put in your body (unless you play with steel or ceramics!) What I love about glass toys from Phallix is the artistry in each piece. The quality of the glass has weight to it. When inside it feels like you're fucking something really thick, hard and powerful. Oooowaaaaaah! My little unicorn horn makes me so happy!
This next toy is my very first glass purchase. Not as beautiful as my toy from Phallix, but what it lacks in flash, it makes up for in functionality. It has double-ends so I get 2 toys in 1. My most...erm...juicy orgasms have been with this toy. Also the curve is much more pronounced and I think it cost me less than $30. Unfortunately, this line has been discontinued. So I can't provide a purchasing link. Which is a shame because it is has the perfect size and G-spot curve! 
Meet Big Betty from Don Wand. I think my boyfriend bought this toy as a joke. It is 12 inches long and is the biggest fucking toy I have ever seen! Also, my first experiment with textured glass. See those little blue nubs? Yeah, ouch. The size is fine...the nubs are not. I might venture into textured glass again with something a little less intimidating. It was $100 but they have a smaller one that is only $40 on their website.

I got more toys in my toy chest but I'll save those for later! I hope this blog post has at least piqued your interest with glass. It really is an under appreciated toy, but for those who love glass, it is a staple! I don't think I'll ever use any other type of dildo! Glass is a breeze to clean since it is non-porous and can't trap odors, bacteria. And it won't break down like silicone, jelly, or other plastic substances. People think glass is fragile, but yeah no, not pyrex glass! If you buy glass, make sure it is PYREX! And no matter how strong it is, dropping it will ruin the toy. But other than that, glass is very low-maintenance and wonderful to use! Check out the glass on EdenFantasy if you're still curious. :) Have a great weekend, minions! 


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