Saturday, February 20, 2010


This month's theme?


Alright, alright...since this is the FIRST Media of the Month...let me explain how this all works. Although it's not that hard to understand.

Every month I'll put up a funny clip, an interesting website, move/book review, or something, for your reading/viewing pleasure. Why?

Because I can.

That, and I spend waaaaay too much time on the internet.

Sometimes my Media of the Month will be more cerebral than silly...honestly, it just depends what impresses me that month. This month, I was impressed by stupid commercials. (Can you tell it doesn't take much to impress me?)

Here are some of the funniest commercials I've seen...

2.) This next one was banned in France...I'll let you determine why...

3.) I laughed for a long time with this one...

4.) Another one by France that got banned.

5.) This one is Australian. Quite entertaining. My brother and I were screaming with laughter. It's not particularly funny...but I guess it was one of those moments where you just had to be there.

6.) I don't speak the language...but I think it's pretty universal.

7.) I'm at 7. Let's see if I can get it to 10 just to make it a neat and easy number. Anyway, this one boyfriend's favorite. Hehehe!

8.) Here's one fresh from Japan! W00t!

9.) Hahaha, I love this next one! I mentally substitute clown meat for the beef steak this guy is eating.

10.) And we finally made it to our last video! Because the last one was about clown steak, I HAVE to do one about vegetarians! So...I present my last video before bidding you all farewell...Enjoy it!

Stay tuned for the next Media of the Month!!!



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