Friday, July 9, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

This week I was captivated by snail porn...among other things.

This clip comes from the wonderful French documentary called Microcosmos (1996). This movie enchanted me as a preteen. My mother (understanding my love for animals) randomly picked this movie out at the video store. I watched it over and over again that summer...but forgot its name over the years. After stumbling across it on youtube, I was delighted to watch it again! This movie is so haunting...and a little creepy.

If you're interested in watching the whole movie, you can do so on youtube or watch the full thing online

Perhaps the snails weren't as "smeXXXy" as you were hoping for so I'll find something good for next week. Don't worry...I won't show snail porn again in future posts.



Robin Eduardo said...

The snails were cute, but I didn't know insects had sex! (I was talking about the ladybugs!) But two ladybugs having sex is somehow appealing to me....

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Hahaha! I'm just glad it didn't gross you out! :D

Erobintica said...

Here's some slug porn!

That was great. Those snails looked like they were really going for the perfect movie kiss.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

That link was EPIC! The narrator had me rolling on the floor laughing! My poor boyfriend was too afraid to look at the screen LOL! He was literally cowering on the other side of the couch saying: "I don't wanna seeeeeee! Noooooo I don't wanna seeeeeeeeeee!"


Thank you Erobintica...I have something to torture him with now!

Anthony Beal said...

Strangely compelling videos. Is it weird that I watched them more than once? lol

Demon Hunter said...

LOL. Too crazy...

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