Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty Image

Since we're on the subject of beauty image, I thought I'd share a few interesting videos on the subject.

What do you think?

Have we as a society created an unattainable image of perfection?

90% of what we see in magazines and television is re-touched or photoshopped.


TS Hendrik said...

That Dove video is done in a really cool way. I mean sure it's just another way of selling their products, but it's neat to see a company showing some reality.

Michan said...

....I use Dove. Its makes me skin soft. nothing else works for me. but i so agree that we as a society put too much effort into being "beautiful". i mean my sister takes a couple of hours getting ready for school(curling hair, picking the right outfit, putting on make-up) when it takes me 10 minutes.

i thought the Dove commercial was cool in showing how make-up adds really work.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Dove is trying to create an image with this particular ad. It IS advertising, yes, but the subject matter is legit. I do not use Dove products because they test on animals...but I appreciate what they're trying to do for young girls.

Thank you both for commenting! Interesting discussion. :D

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