Monday, July 16, 2012

Food Network

I'm not a foodie or a hipster (or even blipster) but I do watch the Food Network on occasion. Last night I watched the second last episode of Next Food Network Star. *insert groan* I could write a scathing fangirl post on why this season sucks more than anything else, but no. Don't have the stamina to complain. Food Network has become less about food and more about reality TV and pithy ratings. Oh the horrors of modern television! 

As much as I loathed this season and all of the bland contestants, I did vote for Justin. I'm all for a younger, less douchey version of Alton Brown. Maybe I'll actually LEARN something by watching Justin's new show.


TS Hendrik said...

That's funny 'cause I think of Justin as a more douchey version of Alton. I stopped watching after the 4th or 5th episode though. That show always ticks me off to where I don't make it through a whole season.

Still haven't forgiven them for unleashing Guy on the world.

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