Monday, July 2, 2012

My secret weapon

I'm about to let you guys in on the biggest secret ever known to man. This is huge. at the Pentagon huge. Don't know you if you guys will be able to handle it...but here it is:
Meet my owl. Mr. Wise One. He has crazy amazing superpowers. I put him on and BAM...I can crank out 8,000 words in one day! It's that epic. For a short spell, I have mutant writing strength! The ideas  just flow from my fingers and onto my keyboard! Nothing I write is crap! I can actually meet my deadlines! I'm over 21,000 words into my new novel! Holy shit!!!!
Sorry but...I can't tell you where I found Mr. Wise One. But I'll give you a hint. Forever 21. And I think he was like $7. Off to finish chapter six! Over and out, minions! 



Anonymous said...

I have seen the owl

in my dreams!

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