Friday, August 24, 2012

Smexxxy Friday: Toxic Girl (Kings of Convenience)

Don't we all know at least ONE girl like this? That toxic, unattainable bitch who plays with our emotions and then stomps all over our self-control when you try to pull from her web? Yeah. Makes me think of that movie, 500 Days of Summer. 
It was recently brought to my attention that um......yeah, I might've been that "toxic unattainable bitch" in high school/freshman year of college. *insert self-loathing and latent teenage angst* Why can't men and women be PLATONIC? Why why WHY does one party always have to develop feelings for the other??? Anyway...lyrics. Enjoy your weekend. 

In the sky the birds are pulling rain,
In your life a curse has got a name, 
Makes you lie awake all through the night
That's why. 
She's intoxicated by herself, 
Everyday she's seen with someone else, 
And every night she kisses someone new
Never you. 
[ Lyrics from: ]
You're waiting in the shadows for a chance 
Because you believe at heart, that if you can, 
Show to her what love is all about
She'll change. 
She'll talk to you with no one else around, 
But only if you're able to entertain her, 
The moment conversation stops she's gone


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