Monday, September 24, 2012

New Adults?

So I'm going to write another novella. 20-45k words. A contemporary ghost story with a gay male protagonist. I'm in a cynical sort of mood, so it'll be a dark comedy, I think. I was inspired by this video and a phone conversation I had with one of my writer friends (*waves at Theresa!*)

I'm 24 - watch more funny videos
I want to write about "emerging adulthood." I find myself in this place--halfway out of "kid-dom" and halfway into "adulthood." I'm 23 and feeling nostalgic about my life. It doesn't help that my boyfriend just turned 34. I feel "adulthood" creeping upon me at a faster pace these days and it frightens me. Fuck, all my friends are married. With babies. And houses. And shit. And I'm like..."Hey, hey! Why are you running so fast? What happened to high school? College? You're all leaving me behind!" 

It sucks. 


Michelle said...

I know how you feel.

t_mcclinton85 said...

Oh, please. You can't be getting old, because I'm four years older, and that would just be a slap in the face. ;) I'm glad you're thinking about a new novel, though, and the New Adult genre (New Adult/YA contemporary to be exact) is something that will be flying off the shelves very soon--it already is, actually. Simone Elkeles. Anyone? Yeah, point proven.

Anyway. Don't fret. I may have kids and a house and all that boring "grown up" stuff, but I'm a kid at heart. ;)

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