Friday, September 21, 2012

Smexxxy Friday (Erotomechanics)

I'm referring to the greatest modern surrealist artist  of our time, H. R. Giger. If you watched any of the Alien movies (or Prometheus) then you've seen his creations. H. R. Giger came up with the design for the Alien creature. Wanna share two videos with you. The first are his sexy erotomechanics. It's strange and weird and yet...very erotic. The most beautiful monster porn I've ever seen. I was trying to capture this feeling when I wrote my tentacle story. I may or may not have succeeded.

The next video is about the artist. I think it is important to learn about the artist to get a feel for his overall work. I am sooooo going to buy H. R. Giger's art book, Necronomicon. Yummy! I love surreal art and dark eroticism. His expression is so...visceral. His art grabs you and forces you to think and then re-think. I love his unique creativity. A true artist. Eccentric and all. I hope people will look at me this way! Mad respect. Enjoy your weekend!


Xan said...

Absolutely love Giger. I've been to the Giger bar in Switzerland - was wonderfully sinister :)

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