Monday, October 29, 2012

10/12 Media of the Month: V/H/S

Horror fans rejoice! I was recently alerted to this indie horror movie by a warped friend of mine (*waves at Michan*) and I've gotta say, V/H/S was a lot of fun to watch. The movie is comprised of 6 horrifying vignettes--each one directed by a different director. Delicious gory mayhem. And surprisingly underexposed. If you're a fan of horror movies and you're looking for something fresh and new, don't pass this movie up! It'll be sure to please this Halloween, I guarantee it!


t_mcclinton85 said...

That looks insane! But see, those are the kinds of horror that I don't watch. Not because I think they're badly written/directed, but because they scare the living shit out of me and I can't sleep for a week straight afterward. Yeah. Not good. So, although the coming attractions looked 5-star, sadly, that was all I can handle. lol.

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