Friday, October 12, 2012

Smexxxy Friday (Fever)

I'm referring to the new micro-flash anthology I purchased yesterday. Literary erotica, minions. A thousand times YES! It's about damn time! This anthology reads like poetry. Each little nibble is 100 words long--and there are 100 of them. So if you dig beautiful poetry and erotica, go ahead and buy this book! It's only $3. Buy HERE.  Me gusta! *swoon* 

Although I read tons of erotic novels, I don't like 90% of what I read. Most of it can I put this nicely? Cheap? Fluff? Predictable? But due to my fondness for smut, I continue buying it. 

I don't want to read about two bodies doing X and Y. That's boring and unimaginative. I also don't want to read a syrupy romance about a Scottish Highlander/Vampire King/Rich Executive/Bad Boy who is tamed by Virginal Girl Next Door either. Most heterosexual erotica bores me to tears because I just don't find these hypersexualized alpha male tropes sexy. 

M/M (yaoi) was my thing in high school. Now that I'm an adult I can see how most M/M borderlines offensive fetish-ing of gay men. Real LGBT characters/authors are so rare, I've given up looking for them. So I settle for LesBi erotica these days. I prefer erotica that focuses more on women and less on penis-worship. Also, I just happen to think women are sexier than men. *grin* Any author who appreciates the unique beauty/sexuality of a woman's body gets major fangirl points from me! 


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