Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bisexuals: MYTH vs. FACT

OK, I mainly used this image for shock value. Got you to click on my post though, didn't it? :D

I'm going to talk about bisexuality today. Why? Because now with this with Prop 8 law overturned in California (Go ahead and click, the pictures are hilarious, hahahahaha!) I thought it best to clear the air and explain a few things about bisexuals.

You're either gay or straight. Bisexual people are really homosexuals too frightened to come out of the closet or straight people who are just "bi-curious." Bisexuality is not real.

Fact: This notion is absolutely ridiculous. To say so assumes that I am not real, and I assure you, although at times I do feel like an imaginary figment trapped within someone's hallucination (mainly my readers') I'm quite real. I love dudes and I love chicks. It is entirely possible to be sexually attracted to both sexes. At least for women, homosexuality is believed to be caused by higher concentrations of testosterone exposed in utero. We are not "pretending" to be gay nor are we "pretending" to be straight. So deal.

Bisexuals are sex-crazed nymphomaniacs. They are incapable of maintaining monogamous relationships and will cheat at the first available opportunity on their partners.

Fact: Bisexuality is NOT synonymous with POLYAMORY. Although I'm sure there are bisexuals out there who are polyamorous, many bisexuals are not, and prefer to stay in monogamous relationships. Bisexuals can fall in love and stay faithful to one person--just because we are attracted to both sexes does not mean we are "sex-crazed." Heterosexuals are not accused of being "inherently unfaithful" so don't assume bisexuals are either. However, I will say that bisexuals generally are believed to have higher sex drives than gay and hetero people. Scientifically, it makes sense as we have higher levels of testosterone in our chemical makeup. The higher your testosterone, the higher your sex drive! Anyone is capable of "cheating" on their partner. (My sex drive is quite high, I must admit. Higher than the average heterosexual male, methinks...writing erotica is a natural way for me to "relieve" my appetites, lol!)

Bisexuality is a natural "experimentation" phase. You will grow out of it eventually when you meet the "right" person.

Fact: No. Bisexuality is not a "phase" just like heterosexuality is not a "phase." Bisexuals are bisexual for life, lol! Duh! You can't just snap your fingers and change your chemical makeup! It just doesn't work that way! I will not argue that "bi-curiosity" isn't real because certainly a straight person can experiment with someone of the same-sex just like a gay person might experiment with someone of the opposite sex. "Experimenting" does not make you a bisexual. Bisexuals are physically, emotionally attracted to both genders 24/7, not just when the "mood" strikes them. I'm sure many married (heterosexual) women are still turned on by a good-looking guy on TV even though they are with their "right person" or "significant other." Doesn't mean they will act on that attraction, but the attraction is still there.

Bisexuals are attracted to both genders equally without a preference to one over the other.

Fact: I'm sure there are bisexuals out there with an equal 50/50 attraction to both sexes, however there are many out there who do have a preference for one particular sex. Using myself as an example, my attraction to women is mostly sexual. I think women are beautiful, sexy, and fun to fool around with...but I squirm to think of myself in an actual "emotional" relationship with one. I prefer romantic relationships with men. But for sexual partners, hands-down, I prefer women. I have fallen in love with another girl I think I'm capable of having a long-term relationship with both sexes, really. *Shrugs* I guess I'll never know since I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend now. I've decided though that if we ever broke up (which is highly unlikely, seeing how my boyfriend has been joking about proposing more than usual recently) I'll try to start something serious with a woman.

A man who engages in anal sex or likes to be penetrated anally is a homosexual or bisexual. Women who prefer vibrators and dildos are really lesbians or bisexual.

Fact: If a man likes to give his girlfriend anal sex, that does not mean he is a homosexual! No, no, no! Even if he likes to use anal toys on himself or whatever, that does not make him an automatic homosexual! And women who use dildos or vibrators aren't automatically lesbians either! Preference for a certain body part (or toy) during sex doesn't define your sexuality. Don't be silly! Women might prefer a dildo for numerous reasons, that doesn't make her a lesbian or bisexual! I think I'll talk about sex toys in another post...but for now, put this erroneous myth to rest! It's so untrue! And it stops a lot of people from exploring new techniques and positions to try in the bedroom. Guys, if you like anal sex and want to try it, do so! It won't "make you gay." Ladies, don't assume "dildos and vibrators" are just for lesbians. Like I said a little earlier up, "experimentation alone" does not make you "gay" or "bisexual."

Those are the biggest myths me and my bisexual friends run into the most. Hopefully, this has cleared some things up. :)

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal!


Jenners said...

I thought this was quite interesting and I would agree with much of what you say.

And I have to say ... based on the photo at the top, this is probably the ONE blog my husband would probably want to visit! HAHA!

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Hahaha! He's welcome any time!

Thanks for commenting! :D

Lisa Pietsch said...

Loved it! Great blog.
(The photo was pretty hot too.)

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Hehehe! Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! :D

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