Thursday, August 19, 2010

What kinda Goth are you?

I stumbled upon this really funny website and thought I'd put it up so we could have a good laugh. The artist is pretty spot-on. So which gothic stereotype do you fall under?

Here's mine:

Uncanny! Has me down to the nth degree!

I'm sorry to say I once ran with the "Druid/Pagan/Wicca" crowd in high school. They got me started on tarot cards. *sigh* Funny story about that, actually, haha!

I got off Wicca the day I went to my first ritual for Imbolc. The ritual was being held in a TRAILER PARK with warning posters of known
child molesters and aggressive dogs plastered across the walls. Scared the shit out of me. On top of that, all these trashy obese rednecks showed up and burned so much sage I was literally gasping and choking for air.

Never touched Wicca again. Not saying all Wiccan rituals are like this...but the "real wiccans" I saw were NUTS! Besides that, I went with this college boy I was crushing on at the time (his family was Quaker) and he acted like a total dumbass the whole time I was there. Ruined the evening and forever sullied my experience with Wicca.

However, I still do tarot cards and light my candles from time to time, but I consider myself a hardcore atheist. Heh! :D

Here's something that fits me more true to life now:

You can check out all of these funny stereotypes here at this website:

Have fun! The artist who created these characters is pretty interesting! :D


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