Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cannibalistic Confessions

I remember when "The Lovely Bones" was so popular and when everyone and their grandmother RAVED about the book. I don't follow trends or fads. So when someone says "X is great" I tend to do Y just to spite them. People who follow fads are stupid and most of them wouldn't know how to spot a good book even if it leapt off the shelf and flung itself between their eyes. Or, of course, if Oprah told them so.

But "The Lovely Bones" was on HBO or something, so I sat down and watched it. Halfway through the movie, I wanted to punch myself for decision. I'm not kidding...with five minutes of movie left to go I was done. There was no way I could sit through it anymore. My boyfriend begged me to keep watching just we could see the ending, but I had stomached as much of it as I could. In the end, he snatched the remote from me and forced me to watch the last five minutes.'s the movie in a nutshell.

Creepy pedo-neighbor dude rapes and murders girl. Girl goes to heaven and stalks this boy and her lesbian friend back on earth. Her family tries to solve the case but in the end, never do. Girl possesses the body of her lesbian friend and makes out with the boy. She goes to heaven. The end.

However in the book...she basically RAPES her lesbian friend. She takes over her body without permission so she can have sex with this boy. Um...OK? Unprotected teenage sex = entrance into heaven? WTF?! What was the POINT of this dumbass story? She didn't help anyone solve her own murder OR save other children from being raped and killed! All she wanted to do was make goo-goo eyes at this boy.

Peter Jackson directed this maybe that should've been my first clue. The special effects were really pretty...but there was no substance. I kept waiting for it it to get good...but Nothing Ever Happened.

And THIS is why I don't follow fads. The only thing I loved about this movie was this song.


Sally Sapphire said...

Hmm, I like Peter Jackson movies (The Frighteners & Heavenly Creatures stand out in my mind), but this one sounds flawed.

I thought it looked interesting, but never read the book. Now, knowing about the whole lesbian-rape/teenage-sex/lust-over-justice angle, I probably never will. Yuck.

Maria Zannini said...

I am so with you on this. I deliberately go in the opposite direction if people start raving about something to distraction.

Even if it's something I truly love, I give it the benefit of time before I'll indulge so I'm not swept up in the mania.

M.G. said...

i read the book and i thought it was good. i saw bits of the movie and i was disappointed. actually they do figure out that it was the neighbor but he left town and was never found. so they solved the crime but justice wasn't served until he died. stupid ending.

i think trends are interesting. nine time out of ten they disappear just as fast as the came *cough* TWILIGHT *cough*

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