Friday, March 4, 2011

Smexxxy Friday (Cowgirls?)

What is it about cowgirls people find so irresistible? Is it her "free spirit?" Her short frilly skirt? Her ability to wield a gun and ride a horse? What IS it? 

In Texas, I see a lot of cowgirls. Like...literally, they're everywhere. And I have to admit, when I first moved here, I couldn't help but laugh at them. Huge oversized hats, obnoxious leather boots and skimpy outfits seemed a little much for a fashion statement...not to mention the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders who are plastered just about everywhere where I live. Hard to take these gals seriously. But I guess that's the point. 

The modern "cowgirl" doesn't know the first thing about frontier life--she'd rather hang out at Starbucks and text her friends than jump on a saddle and round up cattle. The "cowgirl" has become something of an "aesthetic," and as much as I tried to abstain from absorbing Texas culture, I'm ashamed to admit I've finally cracked. 

Yes. I eat fried pickles (and fucking LOVE them). I can order a meal in Spanish (Una cerveza pour favor!) I adore Tex-Mex (Mmmm...can we say chile relleno?) I no longer mind seeing longhorns strapped on the hood of pickup trucks. And I bought my first pair of cowgirl boots last weekend. 

After three years, I couldn't resist, dammit! I wanted to be a cowgirl too! So I present to you a violation of my 8yr boycott on leather products. 

Does this make me a hypocritical vegetarian? Yes. Most probably. But being a cannibal kinda puts me in the hypocritical category too, I guess. The boots were really cute. Soooooo...I made an exception, haha! Have a good weekend, guys! 


Robin Eduardo said...

You can look at it as you are not letting the leather go to waste, since they already processed the rest of it. And it's not a product that will be consumed all the time. Those boots will last you a long, long time. You look cute in them!

Oh, and the t-shirt that says Fuck y'all I'm from Texas? I bought a friend of mine a t-shirt from here in Jersey that had the map of Texas and the saying Don't mess with Jersey with two brass knuckles on it, LOL!

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

HAHA! Funny shirt! I wouldn't mess with NJ, either. Y'all are tough! And thanks for the compliment. I love my boots. I wanna kick butt when I wear them, haha!

Oh and your book is in the mail! You should get it between March 8-March 10th! :D

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