Monday, April 16, 2012

Waking Will Bel Canto

Have you ever heard a song that just...gripped you? I just discovered this song (and band) thanks to iTunes. This song reminds me of the sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations I used to have as a kid. Psych nerds will appreciate THIS LINK.  Lyrics posted below: 

The reptiles escaped, who said `booh'? 
Was it me, but who then was i? , what made them fear? 
It's dark and it's cold, and I feel so old
I'm going down
I'm going down to chase some reptiles
So autonomic, and you interupt my dream
You interrupt me, my old brainstem is talking
And you interrupt my dream, you interrupt me
The kites fly up high, I'm free, I run
But from heaven fall the bluebirds, they hit the ground
The sun warms my face, and I feel
It ain't the end for all the living,
It ain't no end for the living, no!
My intuition, and you interrupt my dream
You interrupt me, deep in here it is hidden
And you interrupt my dream, you interrupt me
You woke me up, I'm forgetting, and you interfere
You interrupt my dream
It's so autonomic...


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