Monday, June 18, 2012

Cannibalistic Confessions

I'm a sick fuck. Granted, I've been aware of this fact since...well...forever, but I comfort myself in the idea that there's a little sadist in everybody though, right? I'm just a little more honest and up front about my homicidal urges than most. I've noticed that writer's block tends to increase my antisocial/aggressive habits. So to abstain from cannibalism, I watch horror movies.

I get a morbid thrill out of watching fellow writers suffer. So here's the roster of movies I'll be re-watching this week:

1. 1408
2. Misery
3. Donnie Darko (Is he even a writer? Doesn't matter)
4. Stranger than fiction
5. Whisper of the heart (OK...this is a little kid's movie where nothing gory happens, but of my favorite movies about writers)

In the interim, I won't do another blog post until this Friday. Please continue your weekly routine without me, minions. 


Michelle said...

Love Love Love 1408!!! XD

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