Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Status Update 6/12

So I have officially started writing the sequel to the next book. The second book is titled Witching Moon, and it is going to center around the Oyster River Massacre of 1694, two years after the first book ends. Kateri aka the Lily of the Mohawks, is going to be an important character in this book! Frontenac will also make an appearance. I'll introduce more new characters than old ones...but Tituba's nemesis, Abigail Williams, returns to rear her ugly head in a big way. Witching Moon will be less about American colonial life and more about French-Indian-English conflicts. The French-Indian War is just a few decades away and tensions between our young nations is just warming up. Naturally Tituba has to be the catalyst that sets off the war, right? Witching Moon will also be more of a traditional "love story" than the first book. I'm not going to give too much away but there will Lots of it. With men AND women. Tituba does it all! 

Ideas for the third book are still swirling around in my head but I know there's going to be a pirate ship and an introduction to New Spain. I want to cover ALL of the budding American regions: New England, Acadia (New France), and finally New Spain. I'm reading these fascinating books called "Florida's Frontiers" by Paul E. Hoffman and "Historic Native Peoples of Texas" by William C. Foster. Haven't decided WHERE in New Spain the third book will take place but it will either be in Florida or Texas. 

If and when I find an agent, I'll let you guys know. As of right now, I'm still querying for the first book, Witching Tree. Less than two months into the querying process and I've tried 25 agents. One request. Nine form rejections. More than a dozen no responses. Whew. Gonna keep this up until August. Hopefully I can find an agent before 2013--but I'm doubtful.  


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