Monday, January 21, 2013

Necrophilia & Erotica

Am I the only one who finds necrophilia (as a concept) screamingly funny? I mean...I'm sure people do it. Otherwise it wouldn't be a "thing." I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the mechanics of it. Who looks at a dude in a coffin and thinks: "Easy pickings. I'll ride that thing till it breaks off!" Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, dear...maggots.

*Snort* I kinda wanna write a necrophilic erotic story. Just for shits and giggles. Just to see if I can actually do it (convincingly) and get the damned thing published. And why not? If I can get a story about nuns and tentacles published, why not zombies? Why not necrophilia? The erotic genre is primed for creative exploration and boundary leaping. The erotic market is so much more lenient than other literary genres--and since I'm a twisted, depraved madwoman with a restless imagination, I honestly think I can excel in "weird erotica." Carve out my niche in sexual debauchery and perversion! 

There are things I write when I'm being "serious" and then the things I write when I'm being 100% sarcastic. When people take my erotica seriously, I always get a hysterical laugh out of it. Erotica is a playground. I can get away with shit I would NEVER be able to in a non-erotic press. If I want to explore my atheist musings, I can. If I want to experiment with racial topics, I can. If I want to discuss lesbian feminism and gender inequality, I can. Try doing that in another genre and see if it'll sell. It won't. 

I don't mind scraping it in the "underbelly" of the literary world. Most of what I write is "pulp" anyway.  If I can get you hot and bothered while stimulating your intellect, HURRAY! I want to engage my readers in any way I can. Mind and body, I'll rub them both! And why not? Why the fuck not? *wears shit-eating grin* Ohhhhhhh minions, I feel like writing something truly naughty! :D 


Missy Jane said...

Lol. Funny that you bring up zombies with your necrophilia post 'cause that whole zombie romance thing just eeks me out. I mean how can you find someone who is dead and rotting sexy? I get that dead men can be sexy (see vampires) but by definition zombies are undead rotting corpses. Sooo not sexy.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Yeah, I agree with you, Missy. Dead bodies don't do it for me either, LOL. However the zombie trope is trending and I wanna write it for the sheer hilarity of it all. Thanks for commenting! :D

Michelle said...

Don't forget to send me your first draft! LOL i'll probably read it in church like i did w/ the tenticle story XD

Anonymous said...

If anyone can pull off zombirotica it's VC

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