Friday, January 18, 2013

Smexxxy Friday (Manuel Ferrara)

Manuel Ferrara is a French porn star. And um...I kinda stalk him. On twitter. On porn sites (skip to 3:54) On blogs. And yeah...I'm totally blushing right now. And also grinning like a frickin' idiot. Everyone has their favorite porn star, right? Manny is mine. 

What I like most about Manuel Ferrara? His primal savagery. He fucks girls like some sort of beast...but he kisses them while he does it and gives them prolonged eye contact. It's what I call "fucking gently." When I watch him, I feel as if he's genuinely trying to make the woman orgasm. I don't feel like he's "working" for a shoot. And he has a cute French accent and he has a funny sense of humor and he's won dozens of porn awards...and um...he has LOTS of female fans. Apparently. *snort*

I'm not going to write much more...honestly my cheeks are flushed and I giggle each time I glance at the photo. So let's just end it here call it a day, eh? I don't usually have this electric thunderbolt reaction to men, but when I do it's like...ooooowaaaaah. *bites lips* Mmmmmmmmmm... *unwholesome thoughts flit through VC's head* 
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