Friday, January 4, 2013

Smexxxy Friday (Telling the truth) your parents, I mean. You see, I just recently told my mom I write erotica. It was the holidays. I was at my boyfriend's mother's house. I was lonely. And my mom happened to call while I was staring at my new contract so...yeah. 

I don't think I'll ever let her read any of my erotic stories, though. The very thought makes me cringe in all the wrong places. Awkward. Awkward. Awkward. But I guess I'm good at it since I keep getting contracts. However I don't know if I want to be known solely as "an erotic author" y'know? It's sort of a trashy title to have, isn't it? And not something I can expect to announce at family gatherings when I'm craving unflinching praise and affirmation. 

This topic came up on my author loop and I thought I'd blog about it. Very few people know I write erotica. And fewer know I write F/F. *sigh* 
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