Monday, January 31, 2011

Status Update: 1/11

Like my cowboy? I like him a great deal. Especially his lovely tattoos and shiny belt buckle. *innocent smile* I don't usually go for cowboys but I made an exception for this hunky specimen. 

Anyways, it has been a while since I've done a status update. So here's what I've accomplished. 

Since my last status update, I have received several new publishers. I have a flash story acceptance at Sex and Murder Magazine, three political poems accepted at aaduna Press, a flash story published into an anthology at Daily Flashes of Erotica (I will do a giveaway on Valentines day!) and a single-title short story publication at Sapphire Blue Publishing. 

I've been a busy girl, eh? I haven't updated by "Publication Credits" in quite a while. *sigh* I'll get on it when I'm motivated enough to do it. 

Here's what I'm working on right now:

A historical young adult novel with a paranormal twist. I'm devoting all of my time toward this at the moment. I'm really excited about this story. I can't wait to sit down and start writing it. I haven't written a novel since high school, so it'll be a long project that will keep me busy for a while. 

I also have two novellas that are finished--still polishing and editing. One is my Cirque Du Soleil inspired story, the other is a dark fantasy story. I've got my eye on a few publishers, but I gotta wipe the dirt and grime off my stories first. Neither are an easy "sell," so I'm tweaking accordingly. When I get the confidence to submit again, I'll redirect my energies. I haven't looked at these novellas in months! A part of me is afraid they won't get published. It's pretty stupid because I got just two rejections and already I'm quitting, LOL! I'll re-submit when I stop moping around like a child. (At least I can recognize when I'm being childish!) 

That's what I got cooking so far. When I have more news, I'll let you know! Thank you guys for supporting me. Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to do what I do! 

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Smexxxy Friday (Alien Porn) at a loss for words. I knew people were into the movie Avatar but OMIGOD! OMFG! There are no words to describe'll just have HAHAHA! 

For those of you who haven't seen the is the actual scene from the movie. I apologize if I have scarred your retinas forever with this blue alien porn, haha. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Writer's Conviction

One of the hardest obstacles a writer must face is herself! It's easy to lose your nerve when you're standing before a horde of faceless readers and critics. You might begin to question your work, your point of view and wonder if it is all worth it. 

Every writer second-guesses themselves every once in a while, but it is important to stick to your guns. You have to remember WHY you're writing in the first place and believe in it. You have to stand by YOUR point of view regardless what others might think... because without your point of view, you wouldn't be you. Don't ever compromise your values or conviction, it is what makes us all special.  

As writers, we run from designated paths and seek alternate trails elsewhere in the bush. It's exciting to do something different, but also kind of scary since there's no one to fall back on if you get lost. Every writer is taking a different route, trying to go somewhere. And every writer has a unique voice--some voices are louder or better than others, but you can't let that distract you from your goals. 

It's tough work being a writer. The pay isn't good, the work isn't steady or stable, and there's no glory for most of us in this field. No, to be a writer, you have to LOVE what you do. And that takes conviction. So do you have it? 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Please, help me pick a head shot photo!

One of my publishers has asked me to produce a head shot photo. Oy...I've never done a head shot before! Luckily for me while I was visiting in California this Christmas, we went to a photographer. If we had not taken any photos then, I would be royally screwed right now because I abhor photo shoots and I loathe most "author photos" on the back flap of books. I swore I would never be that dorky schmuck smiling like an idiot on the back cover, but alas, here I am today. 

We drove over to downtown Riverside (the Mission Inn is pretty cool!) and took pictures there in a natural, urban setting. It was pretty cool...we just walked around doing random stuff while our photographer just snapped snapped snapped with the camera. No dorky poses. No retarded studio furniture. Just the beautiful city of Riverside as our backdrop! 

Anyways...I'm rambling... I have a choice of two photos. I have NO idea which one I should choose so I am asking you, my beloved readers, to help me out! In the first one, I look like a chipmunk on crack because my face is really fat. The second one is a little better because the camera is far away and you can't see my retarded grin. I'm not wearing makeup (I hate makeup) or fancy clothes soooooo...which one do you think I should choose? 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Using RANDOM.ORG I drew two winners. Congratulations to the following people:

Kimberly D'Amore 
Silverheart 7 

Hurray! You won! I wish I could've given free copies to all of the participants...but alas, I can only give two. Winners will receive their prizes electronically in .pdf! Thanks for playing! Look for more contests soon! (I have another giveaway planned for February) 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Book Giveaway Contest and Interview!!!

I am giving away TWO free copies of my newest release, "Her Temptress." Anyone and everyone is eligible to play. All you gotta do is leave a comment here or mosey on over to Laurie Sorenson's blog where I am being interviewed today and leave a comment there! Only one prize per contestant. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Oh, and I almost forgot...I will also be available for LIVE CHAT with a few other authors from Sapphire Blue Publishing today at Coffee Time Romance 9pm Eastern. Don't miss it! I wanna TALK TO YOU! 

Ooooo, this is gonna be fun! Good luck! :D 

~Vegetarian Cannibal

Monday, January 17, 2011

African-American Read-In

I had no idea this was going on until stumbling across this blog post from The Rejectionist. Take a look. :) 

I think it's appropriate and an honor to MLK jr. However, I've got to say...I'm more of a Malcolm X fan, myself. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Smexxxy Friday + Sexxxy Excerpt

Happy Friday, dear readers! Today's Smexxxy Friday is going to be a teensy bit different from usual. As you all know (or should know by now) I have a new release at Sapphire Blue Publishing titled: "Her Temptress." I have yet to put up an excerpt, so I thought I'd give you a little taste of the story. Can't give too much away, but a small peek can't hurt, right? :) 

As with everything on my blog, "Her Temptress" is NOT appropriate for anyone under 18. So if you're 17 and really shouldn't be here in the first place, lol! With that said, enjoy the teaser! And you can buy it at any time by clicking on the picture on my side bar. Have a great weekend, guys! 
Her Temptress: Excerpt

“Undress.”  The velvet-softness in her voice had evaporated.
Driven by an unstoppable force, Meredith stood and obeyed, shedding her corduroy pants and granny-panties to the floor.  She slithered back on the desk and stared up in dazed awe at the sleek brown shape in front of her.  At that moment, she would’ve done anything The Panther asked her to.
The Panther slapped the vibrator into her palm.  Glittering catlike eyes pierced Meredith through the darkness.  “Spread your legs.”
The heat in her face told Meredith she was blushing but still she obeyed, parting her legs wide for The Panther to see.  She panted in helpless expectation, her eyes fixed on the throbbing tool.  Intense waves of expectant pleasure rocked through her, and she whimpered, pleading with arching hips for The Panther to enter her.
“You have a beautiful cunt.”  
Meredith whimpered again, powerless. 
“I’m going to fuck you now.  Are you ready?”  The way The Panther said “fuck” roused a primal cry from deep inside Meredith.  She threw back her head, gasping for breath.  Oh god, yes!  Fuck me, she pleaded.  Silently.
“Say it out loud,” The Panther commanded.
Meredith blushed.  Her lips trembled.  She didn't know if she could really say it.  “S-Say what?”
“Tell me how much you want to be fucked.
Another cry escaped from her throat and Meredith twisted her face toward the window.  She couldn't bear to say it and look at The Panther at the same time.  “I…want you to…fuck me,” she whispered, barely breathing.
“Like you mean it, Mrs. Hartman.  Or I won’t do it.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Her Temptress: Girl Love

"Her Temptress" is now out for sale at Sapphire Blue Publishing. I wrote a quick promo over on the SBP blog. If you're interested in reading that, CLICK HERE. However...for YOU guys on my blog, I'm gonna give you all the gory details. I got stuff I can't say on SBP 'cuz they'll probably fire me, lol! 

By now you've guessed by the title that "Her Temptress" is a girl love story. Well, it is. And lots and lots of it too. This story was so erotic that I, as the author, was TOO EMBARRASSED to get certain sentences out!!! (I am not kidding!) Especially when I wrote the love scenes...I was blushing like a sunset!

I challenged myself to write the naughtiest stuff I could, thinking that if I could write something THIS raunchy, I could write ANYTHING. Now I hardly bat my eye at love scenes, but man, writing the love scene for this story was an experience in and of itself.  I was so paranoid that everyone in the coffee shop was peeking over my shoulder as I wrote, HAHA! I was literally freaking out in my seat! 

Of course, I could've made it easier on myself by NOT writing the love scenes in public...but where would the fun be in that? I gotta say, the danger of being "caught" kinda added to what I was writing in the I hope readers pick up on that. 

I try to have fun when I write a story. Really, I do. My odd sense of humor has served me well thus far, so I hope I can continue doing what I love. I'll do a silly Smexxxy Friday tomorrow about my characters.  When I get my free copies, I'll also do a book giveaway! 

~Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First Single-Title Release

Oh yeah...I'm dancing in my seat, y'all! I actually missed the email from my publisher telling me that it was published two days ago. Aren't I smart? LOL? But yeah, my book is OUT, baby! W00t! My first single-title release with my own cover art and MY name on the cover! *dancing and snapping fingers* 

It's a lesbian erotic short story and it costs a little over a buck. Pretty please check it out? Here's the LINK. I'll write a "professional promo" on it over at the Sapphire Blue Blog. But for now, I'm just going to bask in my newfound success and squeal in my seat, haha! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Smug Assholes.

Most people generally try to do their best and be courteous and polite...but there are just some asshats out there who piss me off. For instance, some writers really piss me off. It is why I swore off of message boards (specifically writing forums) because I cannot STAND most of the smug idiots who frequent them.

We all know these people. The list goes as follows:
  • The Unpublished Writer--Now don't jump to conclusions here. I'm not hating on unpublished writers or anything like that. I'm talking about a specific kind of unpublished writer. These are the ones with NO talent, NO sense of common sense and who think their work is the shit. They do NOT listen to constructive criticism, they do NOT offer anything relevant to most discussions and mostly turn the conversation around to talk about themselves. They LOVE to bitch about how "misunderstood" and "overlooked" their "genius" is and blame their inability to get published on other people. They do NOT follow submission guidelines or anything basic like that. Meanwhile, what advice you give them goes completely out the window. I think some teenagers fit into this category.
  • The Newly Published Writer--This is the asshat who just started getting work at token/free markets. They think they're big and bad and like to advertise how "accomplished" they are because they have something in print. They start putting themselves above unpublished writers (not the douchebag ones I described before, but the hardworking, unpublished variety) and start using words like "professional author" and "published" to describe themselves. Usually, these guys are the same people I described in #1 but who somehow manage to get published. They let their "success" get to their heads and are absolute nightmares to deal with. 
  • The Small Press Diva--We're finally getting to the writers with some talent, but Small Press Divas are just as smug as the other two. Not all small press writers are divas. Again, I'm talking about a specific type of small press writer. These assholes work with some obscure publisher nobody has ever heard of, but talk about their books as if they're on the NY best-sellers list. They might be a best-seller at their tiny little publisher...but when you research that publisher, you realize there are only 3 books in the entire inventory. No shit their book is a "best-seller" if there are only 2 other books to compete with! I mean...c'mon! But Small Press Divas have no shame and will flaunt their "best-seller" status to anyone. They brazenly claim that they are making tons of money and are attending numerous book signings when in actuality they're not. Their "book signings" consist of going to family functions with a few signed copies, or forcing their friends to take a copy at barbecues and cookout parties. These guys LOVE to go to conventions so they can boast about how successful their "careers" are going. They are completely self-absorbed and are convinced they are "famous" because they have a few people following their blogs. 
  • The Woe Is Me Writer--These writers are very easy to spot. They're constantly asking you to look over their stuff. They FEED off of "not being good enough" and are constantly looking for affirmation. They'll whine about how much they suck, and will fish for compliments at every turn. They'll preface posts with crap like: "I really suck at writing poetry...but I wanted to know what you guys think." When you tell them their poem is good, they'll say: "Not it isn't, you're just being nice. Now I'm starting to hate my poem, I don't even know why I posted it up." However, they KNOW they HAVE talent, they KNOW that they are GOOD writers, but they just want to hear YOU say it. And saying it once isn't good enough. They want you to tell them how awesome they are over and over until you're blue in the face. And even then, that won't be enough. It's disingenuous behavior on their part because once you tell them to stop whining, they'll leech onto someone else who is stupid enough to listen. They're parasites. The only way to get rid of a Woe Is Me Writer is to kick them out of the crit group or just ignore them. There's nothing more emotionally draining than a Woe Is Me Writer. Ugh. 
Can you think of any other smug assholes? 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Smexxxy Friday (Fruit Rape)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did You Enjoy Your Holiday, Fatty?

I hate this time of year. The holidays are over and the relatives have thankfully flown back to the other side of the country. You stuffed your face with cakes and pies, and now the inevitable realization of your indulgences are ever apparent to you as you stare at the scale on your bathroom floor. Oh yes. The scale was always there in the back of your mind as you gorged on turkey and cookies. And now you have the pooch on your stomach to prove it. 

You know what I'm talking about. The New Year's Resolution. Which translates to any female over 12yrs old as: "You Fat Heifer, Why Did You Gain So Much Weight?!" Time to hit the gym. And it's NOT going to be pretty. 

I always wonder to myself, WHY do I do this? Why even bother making a New Years Resolution if I'm not going to keep it? And every year I promise myself, THIS time, THIS year, I'm going to lose the weight! Then I quit after 2 weeks and forget about it until next year. 

Well I tell you what, THIS time it's going to be different (haha, don't laugh!) I reckon I need to lose about 20lbs. I used to be a size I'm a size *gasp* 10!!! OMIGOD! My innocent boyfriend bought me this lovely skirt for x-mas and I couldn't get it over my hips to wear it. It was then that I realized how serious the situation had become. *sob sob* 

I've published it on my blog, so now I HAVE to lose the weight. The whole world knows I'm a cow. I'm determined to change this. 

So what's your New Years Resolution? 

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