Monday, February 28, 2011

2/11: Media of the Month

It has been...months since I've done a "media of the month." I'm so consistent, don't you think? 

Anyways...I wanted to do something relating to Black History Month before February ran out. Now, I don't know if you guys are aware of this...but I went to several Catholic schools in my high school days. Before you jump to any conclusions, I am a devout atheist (and always will be) but my experiences with Catholics and the Catholic religion left a lasting impression on me. Some good. Some bad. But no regrets. I think it made me a more well-rounded person while reaffirming my secular position. 

However I don't want to wax philosophic about religion...there are plenty of blogs about that. But I DO want to talk about my love of Catholic arts. I adore the aesthetic of stained glass windows and religious icons. I love the architecture of gothic Catholic churches and just the overall "look." Whenever I go into a Catholic church, I am always filled with peace--they are always so beautiful. One thing I admire about Catholics is that they take pride in their churches and try to make their holy places beautiful. 

Just lovely, don't you think? Such intricate design and craftsmanship... I would love to have every window in my house look just like that! And I'm an atheist! (and a I'm probably going to hell for blasphemy or sacrilege...or...I dunno, lol!) 

I especially love medals. My favorite saint is Martin de Porres--the first "black" person in the Americas to be canonized. Now I realize he's probably only there for tokenism. I mean, he was born in the 1500s, beautified in the 1800s, but was canonized in 1962 for fuck's sake...! (Hmm...right around the time the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing...perhaps the Vatican had an "epiphany" or a savvy PR agent) But I always liked the idea of a black saint. And like me, he is a vegetarian! I looked high and low for a medal, and finally found one a few weeks ago online. I'm very proud of my medal. It's a rare find. The first photo shows the back side. It says: "Pray for us." 

This next photo is the front. It has Martin there with his iconic broom and the animals sharing the bowl of milk on the floor. It's a very relaxing image. I like it a great deal. He's the patron saint for harmonious race relations but hardly anyone acknowledges I wanted to give a shout-out on my blog. For those of you who are interested in where I got my medal, check out this LINK. :) 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Smexxxy Friday (Nicolas Cage Wants Cake)

OK...I've received several emails asking what the cake episode is making fun of. So here it is. It's a scene from the movie "The Family Man." The movie is really cheesy and crappy. But it has Don Cheadle in it. I wouldn't waste my time watching it, though. 

Anyway, here's the original clip. 


Sunday, February 20, 2011


Using I drew my winner...

Congratulations Robin Eduardo! I will need your mailing address so I can ship you a copy of the book. Thanks for wishing the VC a happy birthday, everyone. I really do appreciate it. :) 

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

My blog is one year old today!

Has it really been a year? Omigosh! I can't believe it! To celebrate my one-year anniversary I'm giving ONE free copy of my anthology: "Daily Flashes of Erotica" to one lucky person who comments on this blog post and wishes the VC a happy birthday!

I just love birthdays, don't you? Thank you for all the laughs and support. Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to do what I do. Oh, and save a pice of the birthday cake for Nicolas Cage. He gets crazy when doesn't get his cake. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Puccini for beginners (Rant)

I watched this movie for the first today while recuperating from my illness. I've heard about it before, but never worked up the nerve to sit through this romantic comedy until it popped up on Netflix. I gotta say...romcoms aren't my thing. But because it deals with lesbi issues, I thought I'd give it a try. 

After watching the film I began to wonder: when did "bisexuality" become such a dirty word? Clearly, the characters engaged in bisexual behavior, but the word was never used...not the entire film. The lesbian character was  called "confused" when she chose to date a man. The fact that she could've been bisexual didn't even enter the conversation. It was, "No sweety, you're confused. A lesbian with a boyfriend is ridiculous!" Hmmm. That would be true if she was a lesbian, she would not have been interested in a man, correct...but she WAS attracted to the MAN and to the WOMAN, logic, that makes her bisexual! Not fucking "confused." It was like...being "bisexual" wasn't even an option for her because, so clearly, a person can only be homosexual or can't be attracted to both sexes, right?

And like most bisexual characters portrayed in film, she was a flighty, cheating, manipulative imbecile who didn't know what she wanted and seemed only interested in sex. She hurt everyone around her for her own selfish needs, and thought very little of commitment until the very end of the story. 

Ugh! Gimme a break! I'm so tired of this stereotype. If it isn't bisexual erasure it's all-out biphobia! Bisexuals and Transgender people are constantly sidelined in the LGBTQIA community. It makes me so mad I want to distance myself from the movement. At least with bisexuals, we are constantly being told: "You're not really gay. You're just doing it for attention!" or "You're just a closeted lesbian/gay man! Bisexuality doesn't exist!" 


I'm tired of being told I'm not "gay enough." I really am. And this movie, as lighthearted and silly as it was, brings up a bigger issue here. I've been regarded with suspicion all  my life. "What do you mean you like BOTH?! Just PICK a SIDE!" as if there is a "side." It's like being biracial in a way. You're told to pick a "side," to fit into a neat little box for people to categorize and label you. 

I say, "Fuck your goddamn labels! I am me, my name is TK. Why can't you be satisfied with my name? What does it matter if I'm multiracial? What does it matter if I'm bisexual? Leave me the fuck alone!" But no one is satisfied with just my name. 

Just yesterday, some Indian dude asked me what my ethnic origin was while I was waiting for my ticket at the airport. I hate that question. "What are you?!" I'm a human being, moron! Just like you. But I didn't say that, I said, "I'm American." But he wasn't satisfied with that--he pressed on, "No, no, you look Indian. You have an Indian face. Is one of your parents from India?" 

Goddammit! How many times have I been asked: "are you MIXED?! What ARE you?!" Like I have to explain myself to complete strangers in order for them to proceed with how to "treat" me. The same thing goes for the gay community. It pisses me off. 

Anyway. I need to take my meds. My throat hurts. I don't need to piss myself off this early in the day. Over and out. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When you're sick UPDATE


I went to the doctor today. Turns out I have strep throat and anemia. Lovely. The VC will take a weeklong break until I feel better.

Thanks guys!

Monday, February 7, 2011

When you're sick...

Ugh. I feel like complete and utter crap right now. I don't know if it's the flu or what, but I'm miserable! When I woke up this morning, my eyes were red, swollen, and watery. I assumed it was stress and moved on. Then as I drove home from school, I had the worst feeling of nausea I've ever had! I ran straight to the toilet. Gross. I've been battling bouts of nausea for the past three days...but this was entirely different! I'm sore...achey...and fatigued. I've been having awful headaches since last week.

I have a test tomorrow and...oh...I'm feeling nauseous again.

The Vegetarian Cannibal will be out of commission for a while. Please bear with me.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Call for submissions!

My newest publisher, aaduna, is accepting submissions for their Spring and Summer issue! Deadline is March 7th. So if you have a piece of work burning a hole on your hard drive, give aaduna a shot! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm at the Bibrary Bookslut!

I am being featured at the Bibrary Bookslut! Sally Sapphire has been so kind to interview me. Didn't win my last giveaway contest? Come on over to the Bibrary Bookslut and you could win a free book! :D 

See you there! 

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