Friday, October 29, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

I have a thing for masks and helmets. A masquerade ball would be dream orgy scenario. It is one of the reasons I get so excited about Halloween! All those masks! I keep trying to get my boyfriend into THE STIG'S costume (Top Gear reference, car nerds will understand) or even the DAFT PUNK'S getup...but he refuses. :(

Um...this scene from Eyes Wide Shut really appeals to me. That's the kind of orgy I wanna sign up for! Without the killing and everything this would be perfect. Like seriously.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Have you ever watched a movie that was so bizarre and confusing that it haunted you weeks after you finished watching it?

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus has done that for me. The movie itself has flaws--it loses its punch halfway through, but the creativity and imagery of this film excited me on an aesthetic, visceral level. I can't really tell you what it is's just one of those films you'll have to see for yourself. This is my first Terry Gilliam movie and I am curious to watch more of his movies. If you like bizarre, dark fantasy flicks you'll like this weird film. Trailer below: 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Revisions And Your Editor

Ah...the necessary (and inevitable) agony of editing your manuscript. As any writer with half a brain will tell ya, finishing your story is only the first step toward the final product. What follows next is a never-ending cycle of revisions, critiques, beta-readers, and finally (if your story is good enough to be accepted by an agent/publisher) your editor. *insert terrified girly scream* Omigod, run! The Dreaded Editor is approaching!

Hee, I'm just joking. Sort of.

You see, for many writers, dealing with their editor is an intimidating part of the writing process. Editors do not think twice about dicing, slicing, and hacking manuscripts into total (unrecognizable) oblivion for the sake of grammatical perfection and length requirements. They are usually not concerned (or yet cognizant) of the writer's perceived "Artistic Genius" (sarcasm.) So coincidentally, you will likely develop a love-hate relationship with this person for the weeks leading up to your release date.

But it's not all bad news!

Your editor's obsessive need to insert semi-colons and eradicate dialogue tags has a useful purpose! At the end of the day, your editor's job is to help you (although it may not seem that way at the time!) and without them, the literary world would be a sorry sight indeed. Even the best writer can make improvements and it is the editor's job to point these out.

However, every once in a while a writer faces off a particularly "draconian" assailant. For this, you should definitely stick up for your manuscript and say "no." If the editor is pushing too hard or trying to change your story into something you're not comfortable with, speak up! But first, assess whether or not your objections stem from sensitivity or ego before contradicting your editor--if that's not the case, state your reasons for why their changes won't work for you. The manuscript is YOUR work. You gotta say something if you're unsure.

It may be a rough ride for some writers (more so if they're particularly sensitive to harsh criticism) but the end result makes it worthwhile. Grow a thick skin (if you're going to succeed as a professional writer at all, you're going to need one!) and work on your skills. The best part about the editing process is that once it's over, it's OVER! The rest is all fun stuff, like working with a cover artist and seeing your story hit the shelves.

At least for me, there's no greater feeling than that!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop Piracy!

You can help keep writers in business with your vote! Piracy has got to stop! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Juan Williams

The recent firing of Juan WIlliams got me thinking of a video on youtube I saw a few weeks ago. If you haven't heard, basically the guy was fired from NPR for his comments about Muslims on the Bill O'Riley show. If you live under a rock and have yet to hear or see his comments take a gander HERE. This situation kinda relates to the discussion we had earlier about multiculturalism. 
Anyways, I thought I'd share this funny video with y'all. It was made in 2008 but it ties in perfectly with Juan Williams and this whole NPR fiasco, haha! 
Listen up and get schooled, homies:

ETA: I'm not condoning or condemning Juan Williams one way or the other. In truth, I had more of a problem with Bill O'Riley's statements in that clip than Juan's. But both, IMO, said stupid shit. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Last video of Tyler, I promise. But you enjoyed the Bunny Boiler videos, didn't you?

This time she tries to snag someone's man at the beach.

Bunny Boiler At The Beach - The most amazing videos are a click away

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Interracial/Multicultural Books Piss Me Off

The first thing I look for when submitting to a romance/erotic publisher is if they carry a interracial/multicultural section (even before checking GLBTQI sections!) If not, I usually do not submit to that publisher. 'Nuff said. What's even worse is that the publishers that DO have IR/M titles are sadly lacking in "diversity" if you can believe that. And that's what pisses me off about a lot of the IR/M books on the shelves right now. 

Now as you all know, I ONLY write IR/M erotica or romance. I DO NOT (and will not) write a story unless one of the major character is of color. Period. No ifs ands or buts. It's my modus operandi and I plan on sticking to it, regardless of genre. There are literally thousands of books about white people. *eye roll* People of color get left in the dust OR (which pisses me off even more) are written into books by white authors who out of ignorance (or worse) "white liberalism" end up portraying people of color in condescending or cliched roles. *cough* Secret Life of Bees, anyone? *cough*  The Help (good lord, that book makes me want to scream) or To Kill A Mockingbird? *hack, wheeze, vomit* Gimme a frickin' break! 

So to see a multicultural or interracial romance at all is a refreshing change of pace. I should be leaping for joy, right? Wrong. Most of the IR books out there I see are written by black women (w00t@ge! Represent, ladies!) lusting over white men. I don't have a problem with that necessarily, but when every single IR/M book on the shelf is about a black woman and a white man, I start to get pissed off! Where's the diversity?! I want to see books with Asian or Hispanic main characters! And why does every "interracial pairing" have to be with a white person anyway? Why not an interracial romance with all minorities? 

But no. You don't see that. Just the standard black heroine and her white male hero. OR African-American themed books, only. That's it. "Multiculturalism" my ass! 

I am in the movement to get Asian, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, etc. authors (and characters) onto the shelves as well. We need a true "multicultural" presence here, and I have yet to see it. I have been desperate to find blogs like White Readers Meet Black Authors for other racial groups, but have yet to discover them. 

If any of you know of cool sites like that will you let me know? 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Didn't win my last contest?

You have a chance to win something on From TBR Pile. You can win Free Fall by Mindi Scott, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, or The Replacement. Everybody loves free stuff, so come on over and try it out! 

~Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the winner is...

Guys, you should all be proud of yourselves. ALL of the comments were hilarious and I want to thank each and every one of you who played and took part in this. You're all winners in my book, but alas, I can only select one person to receive the prize.
So the winning de-motivational poster is... 

Congratulations, Peter Varvel! I showed the winning poster to many of my friends and they all laughed (my boyfriend thinks you are hysterical...he got a kick out of all of your captions) In honor of your victory, I think we ALL should dance to the original pumpkin crack dolls *ahem* Pussy Cat Dolls right now! 

In a close second place was Sarah's comment: "Spiderman's Nemesis: Chocolate Covered Crickets and Fly-Filled Tootsie Pops." And in third was junebug2591's: "...I'm not the father am I?" 
Excellent race, guys! Round of applause for all of you! 
Peter, you can collect your winnings by emailing me at: 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun FREE Book Giveaway Contest!

Day 5: Say "Cheese!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun FREE Book Giveaway Contest!

Day 4: Spiderman's Nemesis

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun FREE Book Giveaway Contest!

Day 3: Flashing Scarecrows

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun FREE Book Giveaway Contest!

Day 2: Little Hitler Costume

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun FREE Book Giveaway Contest!

Starting today you can win! So let me break down the contest rules!

WHAT: Anyone and everyone is eligible to play. But only ONE of you will receive a free copy of my horror anthology on Halloween.

HOW: The funniest, wittiest, and or naughtiest response wins! Your job is to write a fake caption for a "de-motivational poster" for at least ONE of the photos I put up. If you choose to do more than one, that's cool as it improves your chances of winning and it'll make the contest more fun.

This is what I'm looking for:

Only the pictures I post won't have the captions. You'll have to provide them in your comments! Please make sure I can contact you later in case you win!

WHEN: Five days for five pictures starting today. And on the weekend I'll announce the winner and post the fake "motivational poster." You have five chances to win, so impress me.

WHY: Because it's fun! And getting into the Halloween spirit is what I do best. *wink*

Everyone clear on the rules? Yeah? Okay? Alright, let the contest begin! Good luck!

Day 1: Drunk Pumpkins

Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you wanna win?

I'm hosting my first giveaway contest tomorrow! The lucky winner will receive a FREE copy of my horror anthology on Halloween! Yay! It's my gift to you guys, hee!

Anyone is open and eligible to play but only one will win. Just a head's up. But no worries, the contest will be fun--I promise. So stay tuned for details!

Good luck!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Let's face it, condom commercials score extra points for creativity. Enjoy what I selected for this week's smexxxy friday fun! ;D

Sound check...1...2...3...

Someone on youtube commented something about the KKK...

I didn't know they made condoms this...big.

Today's lesson? Always keep condoms in your car.

Watch all the way to the end, hahaha!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beauty Image

Since we're on the subject of beauty image, I thought I'd share a few interesting videos on the subject.

What do you think?

Have we as a society created an unattainable image of perfection?

90% of what we see in magazines and television is re-touched or photoshopped.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Media of the Month 10/10!!!

Um. My bad. I forgot to do a Media of the Month for September. I apologize. I know how much my monthly highlights mean to you guys (*snicker* Yeah, right! I'm not delusional, I promise!)

So what's this month's theme?

I give you the Anti-Glenn Beck Rally (aka Rally to Restore Sanity/Rally to Keep Fear Alive) hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert this October on the 30th! I'm trying to save my pennies to join me in Washington D.C. so we can restore truthiness together! It'll be epic.

Be there. Let's do this. Click on the link for details and march with me! :)

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal,


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Women With "Curves"

OK, OK...this has been bugging me for a while now but it was THIS commercial that led me to write this post.

Anyone who watches TLC has seen this commercial. And here is what's bugging me: the word "curves." When exactly did "curves" become synonymous for "overweight" or "plus-sized"? I would really like to know because it irritates the hell out of me. You can have "curves" and not be overweight. In fact, I would argue most of the women on this show don't have curves at all. There's a difference between "curves" (think hourglass) and "rolls" (think beach ball).

Now, I'm not trying to be mean or a smart ass, but it irritates me when people who are obese call themselves "curvy." It's the word that bothers me, not necessarily the individual. To say that you have "curves" is to imply that your hip to waist ratio is pronounced enough to be seen as a "curve" or "concave."

For example, Beyonce has curves.

Salma Hayek has curves.

Rosie O'Donnell does not. (Finding a flattering picture of her was hard!)

To go in the opposite direction, someone like Paris Hilton doesn't have "curves" either.

Curvy women have full breasts and full hips. When you look at them, you can see a definite hourglass shape. They aren't rulers. They aren't beach balls. They are hourglasses!

So with that said, can someone who doesn't have curves be beautiful? Absolutely! Can an overweight or plus-sized girl be beautiful? ABSOLUTELY! I'm not saying overweight women are NOT beautiful! I think women are beautiful in every size!

Some beautiful examples of that would be women like Queen Latifah

Or Crystal Renn

The point that I'm trying to make is that there is a difference between curvy, plus-sized, and obese. Stop using "curvy" and "plus-size" interchangeably with "fat!" They are not the same thing, TLC!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Robin Thicke. Hell yes. I want me some of that white man! LOL~!


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