Monday, September 27, 2010

I always HATE taking the first exam.

The first exam sets the pace for the rest of the semester so if you bomb the first test, you got to scramble around for weeks trying to catch up! And they always schedule them on the same day or the same week! Gah, I hate that! So far, I'm making all As on my first exams, but I'm pretty nervous about this upcoming one on Wednesday.

This class is curved because it is notoriously hard. I think a 80% is an "A" because so many kids have flunked out. That should make me smile, but it doesn't. My professor is a grad student (I HATE grad students!) and he has no clue what he's talking about half the time even though he's studying for a Ph.D in neuroscience and biochemistry.

There's a study session tomorrow at frickin' 8:30 AM! Yes, I know, all you working adults are smiling at that but college students don't get up that early. Commuting college students, especially. I know I'm going to bomb this test as I SUCK at chemistry. *cries*

Blah! I feel like crap today. Study session at 2:30pm. Ugh.

Over and out.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Tyler is back at it again in the Bunny Boiler! This time, with tarot! By the way... the "Fat Cow Card" doesn't exist in tarot, lol.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet, I got a blog award!

I received this lovely award from my lovely friend, Zoe, at her lovely blog titled: No Letters On My Keyboard. Everything is lovely because it's a "Lovely Blog" award!

Now, two things...

First, although I'm very appreciative of receiving a blog award, I already decided to make my blog "award-free." BUT because I didn't state this beforehand (as I didn't think anyone would EVER think to give my blog an award) this award will be the first and last I accept. So thank you, Zoe! (Guys go check out her blog, she's cool beans!)

I'm just amazed I'm almost at 50 followers! That's totally awesome! You guys are are great for sticking around this long. So I want to thank ALL my followers for entertaining my narcissism, haha! I'm going to express my love for you all in the form of an annoying Korean cartoon sing-along song.

Yes I posted this on my blog's one-month anniversary...but I wanted to post it again for my new followers. It's so annoyingly sugary-sweet I can't not share the cutesy goodness :D

Secondly, I have to pick no more than 15 blogs to share this award with. I will only pick three and the three I pick are for the newest coolest blogs I've discovered that no one else seems to be reading. So those three are:


Friday, September 17, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

I don't support PETA at the best of times cuz I think they're nuts, but I want to believe I'm smuttier and better in bed by being a vegetarian...So ladies, if you want to please your man or woman in the sack, apparently going veg is the way to do it. According to PETA, anyways.

This next commercial was shown to me in my Adolescence Psychology class this week. Double Entendres Galore. I was literally in shock after watching this commercial, no one in my class kept a straight face--not even my professor. So thank you Axe. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My New Book Is Out! (Yay)

Soooooooooo yeah, my book is finally out on Amazon, 'tis my first anthology evah AND printed book! Super duper excited!

So because I love you guys so much I'm going to offer one of you a free copy on my giveaway/contest (soon to be announced). You will receive the book on Halloween since it is a horror anthology after all. This is the anthology with my short story: "Odd Orval Goes to Heaven."

So...heres the LINKY LINK where you can purchase on amazon. There's also a button on my sidebar that will take you to amazon too. I will not receive any compensation/royalties for this book, but money (or lack thereof) kinda comes with the territory of being a writer. *le sigh*

I appreciate any reviews or comments on my work--good or bad. *Big grin* Thanks guys! I'll announce the giveaway/contest rules in the following weeks. :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Review)

the brain that wouldn%27t die Pictures, Images and Photos

Cheesy black and white horror films are an acquired taste, I know. But I love them! Especially if I can watch for free on YOUTUBE.

This movie was made in 1962 and pretty much runs like its title. A mad scientist crashes his car, thus decapitating his fiancee and killing her. He brings her back to life by taking the head to his secret lab and injecting it with a serum that allows it to talk, think, and perform telepathic powers (unbeknownst to him).

In search of a body to attach his would-be wife's head, the mad scientist prowls strip bars and bikini model contests. When he finally selects a victim to perform the transplant, his fiancee conspires with a mutant creature locked in the cellar to thwart his murderous plan. The climax concludes with more decapitation and severed limbs and the fiancee screaming triumphantly within the flames: "I told you to let me die!"


If I had to grade this movie? C+ But it's bloody good fun and something my boyfriend and I could watch together while he was away. I admit, I laughed a few times throughout the film from its absurdity...but that's the beauty of these retro films.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Viral Video: Phil Davison

I saw this on CNN yesterday and laughed my butt off. So I thought I'd share. Needless to say, his passionate speech lost him the campaign and endorsement. 1:25 on is the funny part but my favorite part is 2:50 where he screams: "Drastic times call for what?!" Hahaha!

Smexxxy Friday + My Nose!

Gives phone sex a whole new meaning... One of my most favorite romantic scenes in cinema!

On a side cheer myself up in the absence of my beloved, I went and got myself a brand spankin' new piercing on Wednesday. I got a nostril piercing on my left side...very cute and discreet.

For those interested in what it looks like, take a gander HERE

Enjoy your weekend! My lovey returns on Sunday! :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

My boyfriend left me...

...and won't be back for a week!

With that said I have a question for you guys. What do you do to occupy your time when your SO goes away for a few days? Do you go crazy with friends? Mope on your couch? Keep yourself busy with mindless tasks?

My boyfriend and I have never been apart from each other for this long. Our 3-year anniversary will be on Oct. 4th. Although we started our relationship online and long-distance, since we've lived together we've never been apart. *le sigh* I'm a little worried because when I teased him that he's only using his trip to shop for engagement rings, he actually blushed and started squirming in his seat. He's a horrible liar. Lovey, you better not be looking for rings!

I don't usually whine but yeah, I feel like such a girl right now. Is it too cliched to shut myself off and watch a marathon of cheesy romance movies with a tub of ice cream on my lap? Cuz if it is...that's what I'll be doing for the rest of today. First up, "A Walk in the Clouds."

So yeah, happy labor day. I'll be wallowing in self-pity and ice cream until my boyfriend returns from Boston.

Over and out.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Don't mess with this goat

Spanish translators needed...I want to know why this goat is so angry.

Smexxxy Friday

Jill Scott singing "The Way." This is baby makin' music right here, y'all.

I love you Jill! Rock on with your bad self!

Have a good weekend!

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