Monday, August 30, 2010


So far I've covered animal activism, cute online games, eco-political documentaries, morbid graphic novels, and Pearl Jam!

So what is this month's theme?

The documentary by James Spooner called AFRO-PUNK (2003). 66 minutes long and you can watch the whole thing for free online right HERE. Check out the trailer below.

I've gotta say, this documentary was pretty interesting. It's about black people in the punk rock scene and how they struggle to maintain their identity. I didn't know very much about punk culture or punk music, so for me it was interesting to learn something different.

Although I've never been into punk (thought it was a bit too angry and I confess... "too white" little mind the fact black people invented rock) I can relate to a lot of the folks who were interviewed in the movie. Like them, I was usually the only black person in my class or maybe one out of the five or six in the entire school. I went through my own identity crisis as a teen. I shaved my head and became a vegetarian at 14, for example, lol.

I felt caught between two worlds. One which was what I thought "black" should be and the other that was "fitting in" to the white suburban kids around me. As a sophomore in high school I asked out a white boy for the first time and while relaying the experience back to my white friends one of them complained: "Why are you making this a big deal? You're not really black anyways, so who cares? I would just be like two white people going out because you don't act black." And when I just stared at him in shock he continued to tell me how otherwise we wouldn't be friends seeing how he "didn't like 'real' black people." A loaded statement to be sure, but this was coming from my FRIEND!

He didn't understand why I broke down in tears and locked myself in the bathroom for the next two hours sobbing my guts out, hahahaha, but any person of color reading this would get it and understand perfectly. And that's what Afro-Punk is about.

Afro-Punk introduced me to new music and now my newest crush, Tamar-Kali Brown. Not only is she fucking hot but she's a black rocker chick! How cool is that?!

I was at her WEBSITE last night... the girl can sing! I'm going to buy her CD because I lust her so much, lol! I love all her piercings and her hair! :D

So that's my media of the month. Hope you guys enjoyed it. If you ever get around to watching the movie or listening to Tamar-Kali Brown's music, leave a comment and tell me what you think!

Until next month...stay tuned!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beck's MLK Rally

I'll let Stewart and Colbert sum it up...ahahaha!

I'm blog hopping. My first blog hop evah so we'll see how it goes. Taken from Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

Happy hoppin' folks! :D

Smexxxy Friday

And yet another funny striptease video. Watch the mom, ahahaha! Her way of handling the situation is just...priceless.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school

Hurray! I'm so happy to be back in college! Student loans and indefinite unemployment are soooooo what I'm looking forward to after I graduate!

Everyone always says that college is the best time of your life but they are WRONG! I hate college! It's one bullshit class after the next and none of them are the classes you want to take. And at any moment your college can do what mine is doing and change the curriculum on you on your SENIOR YEAR so they can force you into taking more hours! Yay! More of my money down the shit hole! Then they charge you over and over again for books you're never going to use and for parking decals that cost over $200 (commuters like ME don't get discounts, joy!) On a college campus there's constant noise, kids, and traffic...

School starts up on the 26th. Can't you see the grin on my face? Ugh. Excuse me while I swallow bleach.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Author Interview: Charisma Knight!

Hello fabulous readers! Today I have a special treat for you. Paranormal/Erotic author, Charisma Knight, has graced us with her presence! *waves hello*

I recently won a copy of her new novella, Spirit Walker, on her blog contest. It was most certainly an interesting read. Fairy Queens, Vampire Witches, Scottish Highlanders, and Astral Projection Fuck Fests. Yes, you read right. Astral projection sex. And quite hot too, I might add.

Certainly packs a punch, lol! I read it in one sitting, hahaha! So now as we're all very curious about her, let me ask you a few questions, Charisma. That is, if you don't mind.

First, if you could describe yourself in three words, which words would they be and why?

CK: Energetic, Stubborn, Strong.

I'm energetic because it is the only way for me to achieve things I want out of life. If I lose my energy, then I lose my drive as a "go-getter."

I'm stubborn because if I truly want something, I'll go through hell and highwater to obtain it. If I don't want to do something, I'm not going to do it. I don't like being forced into something I don't want. I can't stand authority. I'm stubborn when it comes to that, I suppose.

I hate intimidation tactics. I'm told by a supervisor at work that we have cameras. My attitude is "yeah, and??" If corporate big brother wants to spy on me, let them. As long as I'm doing my job, what can they say?

I'm strong because I refuse to be weak. It is a mindset I've had since my early twenties. I refuse to let grass grow beneath my feet. By the grace of God, when I'm old and gray, I'll be traveling the world.

What genres do you write and why? Why interracial romance in particular?

CK: Paranormal erotic romance is my first love. I love the explicit details of what goes on between two consenting adults. I grew up reading behind closed door stories, and of course, my dirty little mind craved more info than what was given.

There are other genres I will pursue by the beginning of next year. I have started some stories for young adults.

I write interracial romance because it is something I can identify with, since I'm a black woman who has often been involved in interracial relationships. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the ebook industry 3 1/2 years ago and discovered these fabulous books!

In the future, I hope to see interracial romances on the stands in Walmart, Target, Barnes N Noble, etc. I know they won't be erotica, but that's okay. I believe the interracial romance books are small in comparison to other genres, but to my understanding it has come a long way baby, and still growing!! I'm happy to be a contributor to that! ; )

Who are your publishers? Where can readers find your work?

CK: My publishers are Amira Press, Sugar and Spice Press, Eirelander Publishing, and XoXo Publishing. My BDSM story, My Dark Lord and Master was recently accepted by XoXo, and is now in the first stages of the editing process.

What inspires you to write? Is there anything you want your readers to get out of your stories?

CK: Well, just about anything can inspire me to write. Some of my stories evolve around some forbidden tales of interracial love in the times of slavery. You know, as a teenager, some of the tales my great-aunts spun were intriguing to me, and piqued my curiosity. Unfortunately, in the times of slavery, there weren't many, if any happy endings. So my little mind kind of re-spun these tales.

I've worked spirits, dragons, demons, vampires and werewolves into these tales, the heroines and heroes are souls who are caught up in the cycle of reincarnation. Reincarnation is another intriguing factor of the paranormal, and I believe in it with all my heart and soul.

When people read my stories, I want them to be able to escape a little from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Honestly, my writing is to help me escape, this is how I wind myself down, like when I read a good book.

Also, I want for folks to know that the color of skin is nothing and people should be accepted for who they are and what they have inside them. Interracial loving is something that is beautiful and should be placed on a pedestal, in my opinion. My reason for feeling this way? Well, because there have been many people who stood up for what they believed in years ago, even centuries ago and were persecuted for simply loving someone of another race. How cruel can that be?

So when you're not writing, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

CK: Well, I enjoy healing and relaxation therapy. Although not a hobby, I enjoy meditating and dealing with chakras and auras. There is a certain level of divination I must achieve before I can reach my true destination of my higher self.

I enjoy listening to music. My tastes vary, with heavy metal and rock being my first love. I enjoy Blues, R & B, some Rap; mostly old school, classical, symphonic metal, classic rock, and New Age.

Very interesting! OK, one last question and I'll let you go, I promise, lol! What is one weird fact about you that you'd like to share with us?

CK: I am not a pack animal, but a solitary creature who is not fond of crowds.
While I enjoy people, I'm no social butterfly. When invited to family reunions, I opt to stay home by myself. Well, unless my daughters drag me kicking and screaming, then I'll warm up after I've been there a while. That's just me in a nutshell. I enjoy my solitude. ; )

Well there you have it folks! Charisma Knight is most certainly interesting, don't you think? Check her out at her publishers and give her a go! Leave comments or questions if you have any! That concludes today's interview and thanks for sticking around! :D

Oh and...if you missed yesterday's post you can catch her at her BLOG and this WEBSITE. Have fun browsing!


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Join us tomorrow!

I'll be having my first author interview ever with paranormal author, Charisma Knight! We'll discuss her latest book and other sexy, juicy goodness you don't wanna miss! You can sneak a peak at her website here:

And don't forget to join us tomorrow so you won't miss out on all the fun! We'll be waiting for you! ;-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Tears are still streaming down my face as I type, hahahaha! This movie is absolutely hilarious! Go and see it! Anyone who has ever screwed up a date can relate to this clip, LOL!

The scene I'm about to show you is not smexxxy...but it is hilarious in its attempt to be smexxxy. It's from the movie "Just Friends" starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and Anna Faris.

The movie is about a fat kid who develops a crush for the popular girl at school and then becomes a success in L.A. and comes back to win her love. Hilarity ensues (of course) in his efforts to impress her. It's a romantic comedy for guys.

Anyway, in this scene they have just finished a horrible first date and the guy is taking her home. After literally dry humping her on her front stoop he walks back to his car and freaks out.

Hahahahahaha! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What kinda Goth are you?

I stumbled upon this really funny website and thought I'd put it up so we could have a good laugh. The artist is pretty spot-on. So which gothic stereotype do you fall under?

Here's mine:

Uncanny! Has me down to the nth degree!

I'm sorry to say I once ran with the "Druid/Pagan/Wicca" crowd in high school. They got me started on tarot cards. *sigh* Funny story about that, actually, haha!

I got off Wicca the day I went to my first ritual for Imbolc. The ritual was being held in a TRAILER PARK with warning posters of known
child molesters and aggressive dogs plastered across the walls. Scared the shit out of me. On top of that, all these trashy obese rednecks showed up and burned so much sage I was literally gasping and choking for air.

Never touched Wicca again. Not saying all Wiccan rituals are like this...but the "real wiccans" I saw were NUTS! Besides that, I went with this college boy I was crushing on at the time (his family was Quaker) and he acted like a total dumbass the whole time I was there. Ruined the evening and forever sullied my experience with Wicca.

However, I still do tarot cards and light my candles from time to time, but I consider myself a hardcore atheist. Heh! :D

Here's something that fits me more true to life now:

You can check out all of these funny stereotypes here at this website:

Have fun! The artist who created these characters is pretty interesting! :D

Stop calling it a "mosque"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cannibalistic Confessions

They're putting my favorite food on cupcakes now. How is a cannibal supposed to resist a dead CLOWN on a CUPCAKE?! I mean...he's right there for the taking! I could just pop him in my mouth with one bite if I wanted to but...I'm being a good girl. I'm going to leave the clown alone and drool over this clown instead.

Mmmm...clown-flavored ice cream...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Tragic Artist

Why are artists/writers generally credited as having sad, depressive, or traumatic life experiences?

Surely, there have been many famous "tragic artists" to warrant this stereotype--I'm sure names like Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ernest Hemingway immediately spring to mind. And there seems to be reliable evidence from numerous psychologists who have found positive correlations between writers and depression/bi-polar. The statistics point out that writers/artists/musicians/etc. have higher rates of mental illnesses than most other people.

But what about you guys?

For the writers/artists/musicians/etc. reading my blog have you struggled with a mental illness? Or do you know an artist who has?

I just finished a 2-month stint of intensive psychotherapy last month. So at least for me, mental illness has been an influential part of my life. At least in the beginning, my depression led me to take out my frustrations on pencil and paper. Having attempted suicide twice before the age of 18, it's safe to say the arts were a "life-saver" for me.

I began writing "angsty" poetry and horror stories as early as the first grade. I remember horrifying my second-grade teacher with poetry I wrote and read aloud to the class. Mass murderers, natural disasters, monsters, and other warped creations were a common theme in my poetry and short stories.

At my lowest, I was my most creative.

And now that I'm "clean" and healthy, I'm redefining what inspires my creativity. I don't need to be "tragic" to write anymore. My life is anything but tragic now! However, without the childhood abuse, I doubt I would've started writing in the first place. My childhood, although traumatic, has helped me become the person I am today.

So if you are a tragic artist, recognize the signs and get help for yourself. Depression is not something you have to endure in silence. Get the help you need. You deserve it.

Here is a resource for artists/writers who have mental illnesses. You can share your poetry and creative writing in front of a group of other artists who'll understand without passing judgement. I was on the site for a little bit, but I found I no longer needed it as I got better:

Some online resources for depression, bi-polar, and other mental illnesses:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Amber's Sexual (li da di) music video! Wouldn't it be great if we could send our dogs on booty-call missions like this?

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bisexuals: MYTH vs. FACT

OK, I mainly used this image for shock value. Got you to click on my post though, didn't it? :D

I'm going to talk about bisexuality today. Why? Because now with this with Prop 8 law overturned in California (Go ahead and click, the pictures are hilarious, hahahahaha!) I thought it best to clear the air and explain a few things about bisexuals.

You're either gay or straight. Bisexual people are really homosexuals too frightened to come out of the closet or straight people who are just "bi-curious." Bisexuality is not real.

Fact: This notion is absolutely ridiculous. To say so assumes that I am not real, and I assure you, although at times I do feel like an imaginary figment trapped within someone's hallucination (mainly my readers') I'm quite real. I love dudes and I love chicks. It is entirely possible to be sexually attracted to both sexes. At least for women, homosexuality is believed to be caused by higher concentrations of testosterone exposed in utero. We are not "pretending" to be gay nor are we "pretending" to be straight. So deal.

Bisexuals are sex-crazed nymphomaniacs. They are incapable of maintaining monogamous relationships and will cheat at the first available opportunity on their partners.

Fact: Bisexuality is NOT synonymous with POLYAMORY. Although I'm sure there are bisexuals out there who are polyamorous, many bisexuals are not, and prefer to stay in monogamous relationships. Bisexuals can fall in love and stay faithful to one person--just because we are attracted to both sexes does not mean we are "sex-crazed." Heterosexuals are not accused of being "inherently unfaithful" so don't assume bisexuals are either. However, I will say that bisexuals generally are believed to have higher sex drives than gay and hetero people. Scientifically, it makes sense as we have higher levels of testosterone in our chemical makeup. The higher your testosterone, the higher your sex drive! Anyone is capable of "cheating" on their partner. (My sex drive is quite high, I must admit. Higher than the average heterosexual male, methinks...writing erotica is a natural way for me to "relieve" my appetites, lol!)

Bisexuality is a natural "experimentation" phase. You will grow out of it eventually when you meet the "right" person.

Fact: No. Bisexuality is not a "phase" just like heterosexuality is not a "phase." Bisexuals are bisexual for life, lol! Duh! You can't just snap your fingers and change your chemical makeup! It just doesn't work that way! I will not argue that "bi-curiosity" isn't real because certainly a straight person can experiment with someone of the same-sex just like a gay person might experiment with someone of the opposite sex. "Experimenting" does not make you a bisexual. Bisexuals are physically, emotionally attracted to both genders 24/7, not just when the "mood" strikes them. I'm sure many married (heterosexual) women are still turned on by a good-looking guy on TV even though they are with their "right person" or "significant other." Doesn't mean they will act on that attraction, but the attraction is still there.

Bisexuals are attracted to both genders equally without a preference to one over the other.

Fact: I'm sure there are bisexuals out there with an equal 50/50 attraction to both sexes, however there are many out there who do have a preference for one particular sex. Using myself as an example, my attraction to women is mostly sexual. I think women are beautiful, sexy, and fun to fool around with...but I squirm to think of myself in an actual "emotional" relationship with one. I prefer romantic relationships with men. But for sexual partners, hands-down, I prefer women. I have fallen in love with another girl I think I'm capable of having a long-term relationship with both sexes, really. *Shrugs* I guess I'll never know since I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend now. I've decided though that if we ever broke up (which is highly unlikely, seeing how my boyfriend has been joking about proposing more than usual recently) I'll try to start something serious with a woman.

A man who engages in anal sex or likes to be penetrated anally is a homosexual or bisexual. Women who prefer vibrators and dildos are really lesbians or bisexual.

Fact: If a man likes to give his girlfriend anal sex, that does not mean he is a homosexual! No, no, no! Even if he likes to use anal toys on himself or whatever, that does not make him an automatic homosexual! And women who use dildos or vibrators aren't automatically lesbians either! Preference for a certain body part (or toy) during sex doesn't define your sexuality. Don't be silly! Women might prefer a dildo for numerous reasons, that doesn't make her a lesbian or bisexual! I think I'll talk about sex toys in another post...but for now, put this erroneous myth to rest! It's so untrue! And it stops a lot of people from exploring new techniques and positions to try in the bedroom. Guys, if you like anal sex and want to try it, do so! It won't "make you gay." Ladies, don't assume "dildos and vibrators" are just for lesbians. Like I said a little earlier up, "experimentation alone" does not make you "gay" or "bisexual."

Those are the biggest myths me and my bisexual friends run into the most. Hopefully, this has cleared some things up. :)

Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Excerpt: Horror Short Story

Prepare yourself for celestial anal probing and the second coming of Christ. (No pun intended...) I finally signed my contract and got all that stuff squared away with "Odd Orval Goes to Heaven." It will be published by Aurora Wolf later this year, I think. But now I can finally give you a little taste of this story! Hurray! So sit back and enjoy my randomness. :D Excerpt

Friday, August 6, 2010

Smexxxy Friday

Mmmm...smexy man lovin! *drool* Just the right pick-me-up I needed this Friday!

Have a good weekend! :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pen Names Revisited

So last time we discussed the "good side" of pen names, didn't we? But I left out the cons of having a pen name on purpose so I could dedicate a whole post to the subject.

Here are some common problems I've run into (or heard about) when it comes to pseudonyms:

1. Confusing the hell out of your readers! Now this is a biggy. You can and will confuse your readers if you decide to use multiple pen names OR if you decide to use just one. And here's why:

Say, you're a talented author who can write more than one genre (like moi!). You write a little horror, a little sci-fi, a little erotica, a little non-fiction... you're such a badass you can write whatever the fuck you want, right? And you're good at it, so why not?

So now let's say you have one name for your horror stuff, one name for your erotica, and two more for your sci-fi/fantasy. Obviously, your fans are going to have to look all over god's green earth just to find and figure out which is which and what is what, and you don't want that do you? It's confusing! And a nuisance! It's much easier for them to just look for one name rather than five or six, right? It always pissed me off when a writer used ten million pen names. It often prevented me from buying their books just because I couldn't be arsed to go through the trouble of looking up all of their names.

On the flip side, however, you can confuse your readers just by going under one name.

Let's pretend I've become famous for my horror stories. When readers think: "Vegetarian Cannibal" they automatically categorize me with horror, thriller, suspense, etc. But say I got tired of writing horror stories and I wanted to try my hand at children's books. People may not buy my children's books under "Vegetarian Cannibal" because they've assumed I can only write horror! I've been "type-casted" by my pen name. And that can hurt sales and confuse your fan base. Your fans might turn on you if they see you doing another genre. Start saying stuff like: "Why the fuck is she doing kiddy books? She used to be so hardcore when she did horror! Now she's gotten soft. I'm not buying anymore of her books!" And just like that, you've sabotaged your career!

You have to remember that consumers are FICKLE FICKLE FICKLE! What's hot today is lame tomorrow. So be mindful of that if you write more than one genre. You do NOT want to confuse your fan base!

2. Picking a really STUPID pen name and getting "stuck" with it. Ah, how many writers have complained about this? Too many to count, I would imagine. Picking a pen name is like naming your company. Because really, as a writer, your name is your brand! It's all a potential reader (customer) has to go on before they pick up your book. So it is IMPERATIVE to choose a pen name (if at all) that represents you the way you wish to be seen. Maybe "Monkey Stupid Boy" was funny in college but not so much now that you're trying to sell self-help books! Or maybe you decided to use a pseudonym with your ex-husband's last name? Yikes! Make sure you really think about it because it can cause your grief in the long run.

3. Nobody knowing who you are. This is one I hear a lot about. Having a pen name gives you automatic anonymity. For some, this is great! For others, not so much.

Some writers have a very personal relationship with their work and want the whole world to know who they are and why they wrote that particular piece. I think that's great. It's not something I would personally do, given the subject matter of most of my stories, but there are a lot of authors out there who use their real names and get on just fine. Really, it's up to the individual and what your motivations and expectations are. If you're comfortable writing homosexual erotica under your real name--GO FOR IT! Just know that your 9-to-5 employer or devout Catholic grandmother could find out and give you grief about it later. Oy vey!

Those are the biggies I usually run into as far as CONS go. If you can think of some more don't be afraid to speak up and leave a comment. I'm curious to your thoughts. :)

Happy writing!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kindred Review...Sigh.

Before I post my review (which is also posted on Goodreads) let me tell you what this book is about.

Kindred is about a young black woman named Dana who time-travels from the 1970s to meet her slave ancestors. In order to ensure that she is born, she must save the life of her ancestors' unstable slave master, named Rufus. Rufus is a little boy when she first meets him, but grows into an adult as the story progresses. As he ages, he becomes more ruthless with the slaves and with Dana.

Conveniently enough, Dana is also teleported through time with her conveniently white boyfriend, Kevin. Conveniently their love is tested by racism and conveniently, albeit predictably, Kevin and Dana end up separated in time (I love writer's conveniences, don't you?)

Together, they must re-live the worst of American history all so Dana can actively assist her white slave masters in the rape, torture, and killing of her ancestors. Hurray! By the end of the book, she loses her arm and stabs Rufus to death so Kevin and Dana can go on with their passionless marriage in the 1970s. Spoiler alert, sorry.

But lovely setting, right?

As I posted on Goodreads...

KindredKindred by Octavia E. Butler

My rating:
3 of 5 stars

I really wanted to like this book. I really really did. For one, I am a black female sci-fi writer (like Octavia Butler) so just out of fellowship alone, I WANTED to LOVE this book. And like Dana, I am in an interracial relationship with a white man. So I was stoked when I heard about this book. I really wanted to treasure it.

Unfortunately for myself and for Ms. Butler, I just couldn't get past the sloppy, disjointed sentences, her uninteresting, lukewarm characters, and the overall far-fetched plot. It just felt hackneyed. Contrived. Plot holes everywhere. It read like the author was hitting me over the head--dumbing it down so that I should look away from the weaknesses in her characterization, plot, and syntax and focus solely on the graphic ways the slaves were treated. Which would be a great reminder of American history and racism if I was white. But I'm not. I still feel the residual effects of slavery, as does any black person (in America, anyway) so I don't need to be reminded how hard it was for the slaves. Hell, it's still hard now! As a black person reading this, I felt "talked-down" to...spoon-fed. This book wasn't for me, but for white people who had forgotten history, folks who assumed "stuff like racism" no longer existed in this world. That being said, I am/was less likely (than a non-black person) to forgive the flaws in this book.

For such a profound subject matter, the author chose to rush through the plot--there was no character development I saw (except for Rufus, who, by far, was the most thought-out character in the entire novel!) Poor Kevin was used simply as a plot device, as was the time travel aspect of this story. There's no explanation as to why Dana and Rufus can go through time. No explanation for why her arm gets stuck in the wall. It took Dana to 3/4 of the book to finally get around to Alice, but seeing how Alice is brutally raped repeatedly throughout the story, it makes no sense for Dana to assume she is needed for the birth of Hagar.

At times, I literally wanted to throw the book at the wall and not read it anymore. It was just too much! It made me angry because the characters were all so useless and stupid, and the dialogue so stunted and repetitive, that I stopped caring whether Dana would get back to Kevin--I was almost hoping she wouldn't because she kept saving Rufus when he continued to abuse her and the others. Her character was too flimsy to hold up to the author's narrative. She fluctuated as heroine and victim, but mostly, remained a victim by her own choosing throughout the book.

But...I will say that the IDEA of this story is amazing. The author knew how to draw us into the book, into the story. It is the EXECUTION of her storytelling that falls short for me. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5. It is an imaginative story--unique and one-of-a-kind. But the fantastical elements are not enough for me to overlook everything else. I am a writer, myself, so I can't forgive the technicality of it all.

I would recommend this book to high school students.

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