Friday, April 29, 2011

Smexxxy Friday

Which is more romantic? Two folks eloping? Or the traditional bride and groom wedding? 

Some women might prefer the poofy white dress and tacky flowers, but I lean more toward a quick and snappy Vegas wedding. I could have my bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon all in one weekend! Yeah, baby! 

But I dunno...walking down the aisle and having a fancy cake seems like it would be fun too. Thoughts? 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Video that made me smile...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Weather Influence Your Writing?

Does the weather affect the way you write? 

At least for me, I enjoy rainy stormy weather. It pumps me up and makes me excited. I'm the idiot who goes outside during a tornado to watch and marvel at the sky (there was a phase when I wanted to grow up and be a meteorologist/tornado chaser). Mother Nature's fury inspires me to pick up a pen. How about you? Do you prefer calm, tranquil days with sunshine and cool breezes or dreary rainclouds with sleet and hail? 

I just realized that weather plays a big role in most of my stories. I guess I'm a bit cliched to think that when "It was a rainy and stormy night..." it makes for a more interesting story, hahaha! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Same WIP from last week. Different scene. Despite the depressing excerpts, this WIP is actually a comedy, lol.

If not for her impending suicide, Holly might’ve enjoyed the picturesque view. Instead, she stared down into the river with tears in her eyes. The tip of her nose felt numb and her hands shook with cold. 
From Holly’s perch, the dark river appeared saturated with black ink. The surface of the water sparkled as if a million diamonds simmered beneath the waves. After she had jumped, the water would swallow her up into that darkness, and her problems would sink with her lifeless body down to the bottom of the river, never to be seen again. 
If you want to sign up for this can do so here.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Smexxxy Friday

The moral of the story? Never assume a man is blind just because he's wearing sunglasses. Haha!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cannibalistic Confessions

Yeah, she's dead. But isn't she a tasty looking morsel? I'm pickling her in my bathtub so I can eat the rest for later. *sigh* Wannabe goth girls are a guilty pleasure of mine, I must confess. And they taste especially sour...

It's been over 400 days. I tried to be good. Honest. craving for human flesh is stronger than me. How could I have been so stupid to think that broccoli and tofu could ever satisfy my desires? Why did I decide to abstain from cannibalism anyway?! 

I mean, it's so fucking pointless! So stupid and utterly futile! I'm a natural born killer. It's what I do. To think that I could be anything different (much less an HERBIVORE for christ's sake!) is foolish nonsense. So yeah. I fell off the wagon. I feel guilty about this, but what's done is done. *sigh* And so I begin my sobriety anew...

To cheer myself up, I went and got myself a nose hoop ring from Etsy. Rock Your Nose carries cool stuff. And it's all handmade too. Right now, all 10% of sales go toward helping Japan. Check it out. 

Speaking of awesome body jewelry, I have fallen completely in love with the nose rings at Maria Tash. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! But so fucking expensive... Maybe I'll treat myself after another 400 days! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

4/11: Media of the Month!!!!

Casshern Sins is a gorgeous anime I just finished watching. I have the Funimation Network on my TV...but I didn't want to wait week after week for new episodes, so I watched the first 12 episodes on Netflix and the last 12 online.

Casshern Sins is one of those rare animes that takes your breath away with its beauty. I loved the artwork. Very old school. Muted colors except for intense bursts in random the "C" on Casshern's chest. I loved the way the characters' eyes look--so gorgeous! Casshern is so beautifully drawn, I honestly wanted to reach through my screen and touch him.

Like many post-appocalytpic animes, Casshern Sins is very moody and dark...cerebral...ambiguous... The characters are saturated with angst--the plot is hard to follow and is somewhat repetitive. Basically, the story is about a planet of robots (humans are nearly extinct) who are trying to find meaning in their lives now that they are decaying and rusting to death. With the exception of Casshern, an identical nemesis named Dio and his sadistic girlfriend, Leda, none of the other robots can reproduce sexually. Casshern is on a journey to reclaim his lost memories and put an end to the Ruin he caused.

My favorite character is Sophita. She's only seen in one episode (episode four) but I loved every moment her. Although Casshern is romantically involved (if you can call it that) with another character, Lyuze, there is obvious chemistry with Sophita, The Angel of Ruin. He does not kill her even though she impales him with a spear and insists on fighting him to the death.

Sophita does not know how to express herself unless she is fighting. She is a very passionate character, but is incapable of voicing her feelings. After following Casshern around for most of the episode, she falls in love with him and fights him so she can "show" him how deeply she cares for him. Casshern allows her to stab him without fighting back.

This is a pivotal moment in the series, as it is the first time Casshern doesn't black out during a fight and destroys everything around him. When Sophita pulls away, she realizes she does not want to hurt Casshern and so departs, vowing to return someday (although in the anime, she never does.) It is my favorite scene in the anime because it is so beautiful, and for whatever reason I strongly relate to both Sophita and Casshern. Also...she might not be talking about "fighting" at all...but about sex and relationships. She wants more but she is only a robot (and unlike Casshern, she wasn't made to love and be sexual).  

Here is the scene. Unfortunately I could only find the subbed version. If you are going to watch Casshern Sins, the dubbed English version is phenomenal (with the exception of Ringo's voice).

All in all, the animation is beautiful, the characters are intriguing, but the incomprehensible storyline and rushed ending ruins it! I don't know if I'll watch it a second time...but I did enjoy it while it lasted. 6/10.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

The following is an excerpt from one of my WIPS.

The sun beat over their heads without mercy. Not a single cloud graced the sky on the day of her mother’s funeral, and as the ceremony progressed, Holly’s father moaned louder into his handkerchief. Violent sobs quaked through his body. He gasped with each strained breath as he wiped the fluids that trickled from his nose, eyes, and mouth. 
Seeing her father that way had frightened her. She wondered when she too would break down and dissolve into tears, but the tears never came that day. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Smexxxy Friday

Today's Smexxxy Friday is a question of thought I've been mulling over recently...

Just what do YOU think of bondage? S&M? Role play? Have you tried it? Are ya curious?

I'll be honest and say I've never done any sado-masochistic play in the bedroom. Not interested in pain when I'm going for pleasure...but I am interested in (and have tried) bondage. I just learned about this very interesting Japanese bondage play called shibari (warning graphic). Pretty neat stuff. I like the intricate knot is aesthetically pleasing but I don't know if I would have the patience to sit there and wait for someone to tie me up in those elaborate ways... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Sign Up

I've just signed up for it here. 

Basically, you pick six sentences from your manuscript for other bloggers to see and comment on. Sort of like a condensed critique?'s my first time so we'll see how it goes. If I stick with it, I'll be more diligent about blogging in a timely fashion, haha! 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

My (lack of) green thumb

It's spring, it's green, flowers are popping up everywhere and I'm giddy from Texas sunshine. Yesterday I got it into my head that I should start a garden. Little mind the fact I have an apartment with no backyard to speak of... Or that I massacre vegetation with the same zeal I butcher babies...

In the third grade I had to do this photosynthesis project by growing my own plant and then studying the cells under a microscope to show to the class. By the end of the seven or eight weeks, everyone in my class produced long, beautiful green shoots... I was the only child standing there with an empty cup of dirt.

"Your lima bean didn't grow, TK. It's dead." I failed that assignment. Damn.

But I'm determined to redeem myself this time. Here's what I got: (left to right) Mint, Dill, and Arugula.

I'm most excited about the mint and arugula. I never tasted arugula before--it's a delicious spicy little leaf. I like it a lot. The dill is for my guinea pigs.

Getting into the spirit of things, my boyfriend and I also purchased a wind chime. Big mistake. It was nice at first but the damn thing was too loud! Around 2am my boyfriend took it down so we could sleep! What do you think...pleasant or annoying? I don't have a camera so I was using my laptop webcam...excuse the poor quality! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Smexxxy Friday

For some feels like it has been FOREVER since I've done a Smexxxy Friday. Out of all of my posts, I love doing the Smexxxy Friday ones best. Is is silly to say I look forward to it every week? Haha?

Anyway...Quills. The movie. It stars Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix, and Geoffery Rush. A fictional account of the very real Marquis de Sade's life. Quills was nominated for an oscar, if you can believe that. Every erotic author should watch this movie. It speaks of a time when freedom of speech was not tolerated. Back in the day, if I tried to publish what I write now, I could've been hanged! As an erotic author, I was inspired.

This is one of the more twisted and fucked up movies I've seen. (Remember Eyes Wide Shut?) I was shouting at my TV: "What is HAPPENING?!" because my mind was melting between my ears every five seconds. Is it a horror? A comedy? An erotic film? Somewhere between all three? I don't know. 

The eroticism kept getting freakier and more twisted! I mean...I was almost beside myself when Joaquin Phoenix's character fucked a DEAD girl! I was like: NOOOOO! Necrophilia?! This is too far... even for me! Gross...but...wait...what's he doing? Hey, that's kinda hot. OMFG, am I really enjoying a sex scene with a CORPSE?!

Haha! You can watch this movie on Netflix, I think. Give it a try. I think you'll be surprised by how hilarious, absurd, and downright gorey this movie is. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night. 

And the winners are...

My apologies in drawing the winners so late! Things were so hectic at school...I had two major exams, a huge project (worth 20% of my grade!), and one essay to complete all last week! Sorry for the delay...

But without further ado, here are the winners to the April Fool's Hop Giveaway! I decided to sweeten the deal by drawing 4 lucky winners. 

1st place= Daily Flashes of Erotica + Her Temptress  
2nd place= Her Temptress + Novus Creatura Anthology 
3rd place= Her Temptress
4th place= Novus Creatura Anthology 

1st place CHRISTIE 
2nd place STACIE
4th place WANDA 

Congratulations you guys! Winners have already been notified. Thanks for playing! :) 

~Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal 

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Giveaway Hop

I totally forgot I was part of a giveaway hop today! Doh! Leave a comment and you'll win a free copy of Daily Flashes of Erotica! Give an email address where I can contact you in case you win!

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