Monday, March 11, 2013

Politically Incorrect Characters

The beatification and martyrdom of oppressed/minority characters is encouraged by the PC Police. Female heroines MUST be spunky, attractive and assertive. "Ethnic" characters MUST be inherently altruistic and non-threatening. LGBT characters MUST be model citizens and or relationship-experts. Characters with physical/mental disabilities MUST possess some inhuman "advantage" or "saintliness." The list goes on. 

Not only are these portrayals unrealistic, they're stupid. I'm all for positive re-imaging but often it goes too far. Political Correctness is an American obsession--it is neurotic pacification, and often detracts from the real issues to create new stereotypes. For example, by only showing women as flawless, confident, and assertive axe-wielders, we create a new myth about women. Sure, some women are sexy badasses who can save the world, get the guy (or girl) while wearing 6-inch high boots and glossy leather corsets (see most urban fantasy/sci-fi book covers) but that's not the truth for the vast majority of women, is it? 
Your heroine can still be intelligent and competent without turning into a warped caricature of modern feminism, right? Right??? 

I'm not afraid to portray my characters as people. And people are much more complicated than the Politically In/Correct boxes we force them in. I imagine my POV might/will offend some folks...but I hate labels and I refuse to regurgitate the same tired crap over and over again. I'll continue to write heroines who fuck up, who aren't tiny-waisted ass-kickers, who have realistic doubts and goals. I'll also continue to write multicultural/disabled/and or LGBT characters who are selfish, flawed, violent and wonderful. Because that's life. And people exist in shades of gray. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Smexxxy Friday (Bear Sex)

Um...not referring to gay men...I'm actually talking about bears. The animals. I ran across this ridiculous article while surfing the internet. Being the altruistic cannibal I am, I uh, thought I'd share. You'll never look at your teddy bears the same way again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Smexxxy Friday

If you have to squeeze that much, honey, you ain't got nothin' to show. Honestly, that was my first thought when I looked at this photo. I think every girl over the age 13 knows this trick, closing the arms together to offer some hint of artificial cleavage. I just wonder why we do it, though? I mean, it looks so obviously fake. Get a wonder bra, breast implants, or just stop squeezing them altogether and let them hang where they be. Men don't care. And lesbians/bisexuals don't obsess over breasts like men do. 

I think I gave up on my breasts when I was 14. My Korean stepmother insisted I take "Ancient Chinese Herbal Supplements" to increase my cup size (which, of course, didn't work) and my breasts didn't bud beyond an A-cup until I hit 19. Then pow. C-cup/D-cup. Now, disgruntled and 30lbs later, I'm tired of my chest. I met a lesbian in a chat room who complained once that she wished her breasts were "detachable." I agree. Wouldn't detachable breasts be more convenient? Depending on the top you want to wear, you can pick and choose the cup-size that best fits your outfit. Right? 

My boyfriend likes my surprise there...but I really wish I didn't have to deal with my breasts anymore. I wish they were detachable. 
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