Friday, April 2, 2010


It's that time of the month again! (Not referring to your menstrual cycle, I promise!) It's another Media of the Month!!!

Last month we explored The Cove and the truth behind the Japanese whaling industry. You can check back HERE to refresh your memory on the subject. It was a very depressing...sobering article, so this month we're going to do something fun like I promised! So...without further ado...

This month's theme?


Now I know what you're thinking, but this particular site is different from the thousands of other online gaming sites. I promise! There's cute little animals and the music is done by a composer!

Quite posh! And the perfect time waster!

If you like cuddly characters and soothing, relaxing music, this site is for you!

I'm not a very good gamer (although my boyfriend kicks ass in these games) but I'm going to post my high scores and challenge you to do the same. If you can beat my score (which you probably can) feel free to gloat in my face.

I already know I suck.

Sunny Day Sky: 5520 (If you get over 3,000 in this game, you've got wicked skills!)

Winter Bells: 2890 (Watch out, this game is probably the most addictive!!!)

A Daily Cup of Tea: 1922 (This game is my favorite! So snazzy!)

Fire Dragon: 2360 (Very cool, this game!)

Rainmaker, Bungee Bear, It Takes Two, Flight of the Season, and all of the others are very cute games! Play them all, if you can!

I only have one tidbit of advice. The games are easier to play if you have a mouse and not a touchpad.

Good luck!

And stay tuned for the next Media of the Month!!!!



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