Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Status Update: 4/10

First and foremost my poetry at Dark Gothic Resurrected is finally out! You can buy your copy at lulu for just 10 bucks! it for half the price! You will NOT be disappointed--the artwork is incredible and the stories are top-notch!

Secondly, I have two works that have been accepted since my last status update in March. The first to be accepted was my horror/dark humor piece titled "Odd Orval Goes To Heaven." The editors have released the cover of the anthology. Here it is...

Pretty cool, right? Fantabulous job by the cover artist, if I must say so myself. Still no release date, so I'll let you know when I do! I'll post an excerpt of "Orval" when the anthology date is announced. I'm just so happy I'm going to be in a BOOK! Yay!

...which brings me to my third announcement.

My bestest westest friend in the whole wide world challenged me to write a flash fiction piece since I never wrote one before. Pill Hill Press is calling for flash erotic pieces for their upcoming anthology in 2011.

Just for shits and giggles, I wrote a little piece, 499 words titled, "Buttercream Quickie." In less than a day it was accepted! So I'm proud to say I'll be in another anthology. The story is about a pastry chef with a fetish for buttercream. Don' too much into that. Anyways, I'll have an excerpt of that in a bit.

So what am I working on right NOW??? you all know, I'm currently working on a novel. It is a composite novel of seven parts. I'm expecting it to range between 45-55K words when it is finished. I'm not going to say too much about what it's about just yet, but it is an erotic sci-fi novel.

I'm also working on three other short erotic stories, but they've been put on hold for my novel.

I'm still submitting "Hurricane and Panther" to the sharks and have an essay pending at Diverse Voices Quarterly. If it gets accepted, I'll post an excerpt. They requested a few changes to my essay and I have resubmitted it. We'll see what happens.

That's about it. When I start on something else I'll do another status update.


Robin Eduardo said...

I'll be sure to purchase a copy of that collection your poetry is featured in! Congratulations!

I've been out of the loop, as you know, but I didn't know that Pill Hill Press was looking for erotic flash fiction. The reality of my situation is that I haven't even been looking into working on any other writing projects until I complete what I've already started. Your buttercream story sounds intriguing! (My dirty mind has already conjured up all sorts of scenarios, LOL!)

Anyway, congrats my darling on your acceptances and new release! And keep on doing what you do! I'll be here to cheer you on!


TK Turner said...

Thanks Robin! :D

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