Saturday, April 3, 2010

Acceptance into my first anthology!


My short horror story has been accepted into an anthology at lamegoat press. Huzzah!

It's a story about an angel, an anal probe, and the resurrection of Christ. Not...necessarily in that order, lol. I wrote this as a black comedy/horror. It took a while for it to get accepted because it is a little...offensive to Catholics, I think. Other publishers told me it was too much. It's pretty twisted...but in a funny way. I had a lot of fun writing this story. It has my warped sense of humor all over it.

The editor of the antho seemed to find it as funny as I did. His exact words in the acceptance letter were:
Your story "Odd Orval Goes to Heaven" will be included in Novus Creatura...what sold me in the end were these hilarious lines:

“The angel tricked me! My ass, there’s something in my ass!” he shouted, falling back to his side.

I laugh each time I read those lines, and I just laughed again while thinking about it while writing this. The lines by itself isn't special; it's the entire story building up to those lines.

Edits and contracts will be emailed soon. Good job.
A genuine acceptance, I think. :D

I'll post an excerpt when I know more about what's going on with the book. For horror writers reading, lamegoat press is worth a look! They're partnered with a few other publishers like Liquid Imagination, Silverblade Magazine, and Pill Hill Press (I think, so don't quote me on that!) They're a lot like Library of the Living Dead. There are some fantastic horror writers over there and I'm happy to be included with such a talented bunch!

I don't have any ideas for future horror stories at the moment. I've been focusing on my novel and a few other erotic short stories. Excerpts are coming soon, I promise! AND one of my erotic poems will be out in a few days at Dark Gothic Resurrected. For $10 you can buy a copy of the magazine. It's beautiful...the artwork is fantastic and the horror stories are top notch! I'll have a status update next week with pricing details and where to buy. :)

If you celebrate Easter, Happy Easter! If you don't, have a good weekend!



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