Monday, September 6, 2010

My boyfriend left me...

...and won't be back for a week!

With that said I have a question for you guys. What do you do to occupy your time when your SO goes away for a few days? Do you go crazy with friends? Mope on your couch? Keep yourself busy with mindless tasks?

My boyfriend and I have never been apart from each other for this long. Our 3-year anniversary will be on Oct. 4th. Although we started our relationship online and long-distance, since we've lived together we've never been apart. *le sigh* I'm a little worried because when I teased him that he's only using his trip to shop for engagement rings, he actually blushed and started squirming in his seat. He's a horrible liar. Lovey, you better not be looking for rings!

I don't usually whine but yeah, I feel like such a girl right now. Is it too cliched to shut myself off and watch a marathon of cheesy romance movies with a tub of ice cream on my lap? Cuz if it is...that's what I'll be doing for the rest of today. First up, "A Walk in the Clouds."

So yeah, happy labor day. I'll be wallowing in self-pity and ice cream until my boyfriend returns from Boston.

Over and out.


Redd said...

*holds out two holding a quart of Cherry Garcia, the other two bottles, one of my fave Schmirnoff, the second, brandy, held between the fingers*

Or would you prefer bourbon? I tend to hit the ice cream first, liquor second, and window shopping/shopping third. *grins*

Cheesy movies tend to make it a little worse...try old black and white movies with the ice cream and liquour. ;)

Erotic Horizon said...

I think you have put your boyfriend on the spot with the ring statement....

As for what you should do - Just live and enjoy having the WHOLE bed for yourself for a chnage...

Sleep with the light on.. or do all the other things you normally wouldn't do.. before you know it he will be back and all will be right in your world again..


Maria Zannini said...

I had to chuckle when I read this. My husband and I have lived apart for more than 10 years.

Long story--short, I accepted a promotion that took me 300 miles away. We agreed it was an excellent move and that it would pave our way for the next step in life, so I did it.

I was MISERABLE for the first few days alone until I realized I better get used to this and make the most of it.

The prolonged separation is what led me into becoming a writer.

It gets better, VG and it makes you appreciate your other half even more when you reunite.

Ben said...

Significant other is a farmer's girl and despite not being able live in the country, she's attached to her land and even more to her family. So she's over there often. I go sometimes, but I try to go 50% of times so I leave them some family space.

When she's gone I stay home write, watch movies, eat REAL junk food, read, write and walk the dog a lot. I used to have a playstation 3 also, but it died. I like solitude when I know someone is waiting for me.

Good thing if your bf is shopping for an engagement ring. I mean he's serious and doesn't want to fool around and do stupid stuff anymore. These men are rare.

Anonymous said...

Until I return @-`-,---

Lisa Pietsch said...

This baffles me.
My husband and i have been together over 14 years now. The first 3 were long distance. During our first 3 years of marriage, he was away more than he was home. When we had our first child, my husband was on a steady rotation where he'd be away 6 days and then home for 6 days. Now, we're just a few days away from him leaving for 2 weeks.
I love him and enjoy his company but my writing rockets when he's gone and it provides me with some time to spend on me. It really isn't so bad.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Thanks for the positive words, guys.

@Redd...Yeah, I'll take that bourbon, lol. :D Window shopping sounds like a pretty good idea, actually! I usually go shopping for vintage 80s t-shirts on the internet when I'm feeling blue.

@EH I am LOVING having the whole bed to myself! I hate to say it, but I get my best night's sleep when my lovey is away.

@Maria I can't even begin to imagine being away from your SO for 10 years! Omigod! Boggles my mind! Good for you and your hubby that you were able to stick it out for so long...but I just don't think I could do that. Mainly because I like sex. And if I go just three days without I want to tear my hair out. That, and I'm a wimp when it comes to having him around.

@Ben Thank you for commenting! It's nice to have a man's opinion! lol! My bf has been joking about proposing more than usual. My mother actually called me up in a hysterical fit to tell me that she thought he was going to propose on my birthday...when he didn't...she calmed down, lol!

@Lovey Glad you liked the video, bwahahaha! :D

@Lisa Like I said to Maria, I just really can't imagine being so far apart from my bf! Before we met in person we did long distance for 2yrs. But after we started living together, we didn't want to be apart anymore. Long distance sucked. I really like sex...and he has to be here for that, lol. It seems it always comes down to sex with me, hahaha! But yeah, I can get some writing done but I just don't feel like writing right now when I'm bummed.

Thanks for cheering me on, guys! Makes me all warm and toasty inside! :D

Madison Johns said...

Aww, you are too sweet. The empty house echos as I sit with the remote control in my lap. Could it be that I actually forgot to use it?? Unfortunately for me if my boyfriend isn't home that means he's in the hospital. Which sucks!

Reminds me of a story about a girl that was in the hospital-after a car accident where they both were seriously injured. Not only were they in different hospitals, but different cities.

I hope you have a loving reunion!

She told me they were high school sweethearts and had never been separated since they married. I had to hold back the tears as I think that was the sweetest thing I had have ever heard. I could see the love in her eyes when she told me too.

I hope you didn't really

Liz Fichera said...

I say rent the cheesy romance flicks, buy plenty of cookie dough chocolate chip ice cream, and enjoy. :-)

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