Monday, March 12, 2012

Join me this Saturday...

I'm interviewing book narrator extraordinaire, Drake Stone this week! He is promoting his most recent book, "Best Gay Erotica 2011"  from Cleis Press and I am stoked! I must admit, I've never interviewed (let alone spoken to) a book narrator before! So I'm super excited to have this guy on my blog! I can't believe my luck!  I took a quick listen to some of his samples today--holy cow! Drake's voice is really awesome! 

I guess I didn't know what I was expecting. To be honest, I've never listened to a book before but it's one of those things I've been meaning to try. Anyway, I wonder how someone prepares for a role like that! Although I write erotica I doubt I have enough balls to stand in front of a microphone at a recording studio and read it aloud! Hahahaha! I'd be blushing like a sunset! I gotta ask Drake about that when he's over here! 

Anyway, he's going to sit down with me this weekend so we can talk about his books. :) I hope you guys will join us here on Saturday! *happy dance* Yay! 

~Cheers from the Vegetarian Cannibal!


Theresa said...

Looking forward to it!

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