Monday, March 5, 2012


I wrote this poem a few months ago. I thought about publishing it...but then I decided it is just not something I want put out there (professionally). Anyway, I wrote this poem after watching an episode from Criminal Minds. I think the episode was called "Six Seconds." There was this song that came on during that episode by Imogen Heap and I knew I just had to jot down something. It was a spur of the moment sort of thing. Please enjoy the song that inspired me to write this poem and also (if you you can) the poem itself. I always cry when Imogen sings: "You're scaring me! You're scaring me to death!" and also "I've got a bad me on this're gonna throw it all away!" When she says "Smash!" I flinch from the sting of it. Such artistry in this song. 



Monsters all around me
smiling so wide
using their deception
to hide in plain sight

When we were children
our parents often said
the monster in question
lived under our beds.

But this isn't true
we know these are lies
monsters hunt everywhere
in disguise, they survive

Unspoken, unseen
and veiled by our silence
they creep undisturbed
and act out their violence

Vulnerable children
with eyes on their pillows
fall victim and prey
eaten and swallowed.

And no one cries out! 
These speechless parents…
A muted community…
Our broken spirits…

Monsters blow kisses
whisper so sweet
you'll almost never find one
beneath the bed where you sleep. 


Theresa said...

A very moving poem, VC. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

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