Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet, I got another blog award!

And because I'm just a spaz, I'm just now noticing it! Truth be told, I won this award before, the "One Lovely Blog Award." But hey, getting it twice now must mean I'm doing something right, eh?

Please do check out my girl Dismantylnn over at Color Me Goth. Her blog is fantastic and aren't her dreads just DIVINE???? Serious loc-envy going on right now! I'm kind of giddy about my dreadlocks right now because as of March 25th, my locs will be officially 1yr old! Happy birthday to my hair! Yay! Go me!

Picture time! Behold the awesomeness of my loc progress!!!!

Day 1: Still at my loctician's beauty shop sitting under the dryer! Two-strand twists all the way! For anyone wondering, I have 71 locs. And yes, that is ALL of my hair. I don't need to break out the photos of my shoulder-length afro, do I? Shrinkage is a bitch. I got locs because I was sick of losing 80% of my length. I got 4ab/spongy hair. And lots of it. I gots the GOOD HAIR, don't I, Mommy? 

Month 2: At least I think this photo was from the second hair was going through the dreaded (no pun intended) "ugly phase." I don't know what's up with my expression in this picture, lol! But locs have thickened up quite a bit by this point. Yes, that is a Christmas May. I was too lazy to take it down (or remove the beer bottles underneath it) so sue me! 

Month 4: The glorious back of my head. I just want to show off my awesome hair texture. It's so funny,  because I can still see the rivets from the two-strand twists in this photo! We just moved into our new apartment (hence the tower of Home Depot boxes in the background, lulz!) 

Month 7 or 8: I was showing off my blue titanium nose hoop in this picture. Don't I look cute? As you can see, there's not much "length" happening here because my hair (if you can believe it) is STILL condensing! I don't plan on seeing any real "length" until I get into my second year. *sigh* 'Tis the life of a dread-head to suffer through stunted growth periods! Nowadays my hair feels very "hard." But I've been told by my loctician that my hair will always be "softer" than most because my individual hairs are  freakishly fine. 

Month 9: Just to compare different back of the head this photo, my locs are budding like craaaaaazy! And yeah, you can't even tell they were once two-strand twists here. My locs look like this today. Just chunky ropes of hair, lol. I'm thinking I should latch on the 25th to celebrate the occasion! As I'm sure you dread-heads have noticed, I'm a bit of a free-former. I latch like...honestly...once every two months. If I can remember. I don't palmroll because my hair loves water too much and I detest puffy roots after spending $60+ at the hair salon. (I refuse to palmroll on my own...I lack the patience) 
I became natural so I wouldn't be a slave to a salon. So yeah, starting the first month, I managed my locs 100% by myself. I'm used to doing my hair toute seul anyway! I rocked my afro for 8yrs before jumping into the loc world. I don't even really buy commercial products for my hair. I make my own conditioners and try to use as many natural ingredients as possible. Maybe I'll do another post about hair recipes...but I doubt anyone who reads this blog would actually care about that! Haha! 

Anyway...shameless narcissistic propaganda. Enjoy all of the pictures. I won't post this many of myself again. Ever. I hate putting my face out there on the internet. Paranoia. Privacy. And all that. Fuck. It's 1:34AM and I still haven't finished writing my fucking query letters! *sigh* 

Over and out.


Speed Dating Leeds said...

congrats, dear! you rockit!

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