Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting into Twitter

Social media is evil. Once you start using it it just sucks out your life force. I'm a reclusive person. I'm one of those writers who lives in an abandoned hut in the forest and never talks to people. I have a wreath of human skulls hanging from my door. I paint my shutters with clown blood. I talk to the empty walls in my house. And I have like...100 feral cats living in my basement. None of this is true. But yeah, I still consider myself to be a misanthropic hermit. 

I said NO to Facebook. Then NO to blogging. Then NO to tumblr. Then NO to twitter. And we see how that turned out, didn't we? But alas. Now that I'm querying agents, I decided it would only be in my best interest if I take up "teh twitter"and stalk their various twitter accounts. And you know what, Twitter isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I actually *gasp* LIKE using it!  Perhaps a little too much. 

I'm sure you minions have noticed the nifty little Twitter feed thingy on the righthand sidebar, yes? I'm still a n00b with yeah. I'm learning. *sigh* Anyway I think this blog post is enough social interaction for the day.

Over and out, minions. 


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