Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting my conch pierced

Sounds dirty, doesn't it? But it isn't as sexy as it sounds. The conch is located in your ear, minions. Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya? Gonna get the piercing done at Cat Tattoo over in Addison. They got this $25 special on Wednesdays. Lately I've been feeling like crap so I think getting the piercing will cheer me up some. *sigh* I even know the jewelry I'm gonna put in my conch. 

Expensive...but I love opals! 


Sally Bibrary said...

Sorry, hon - still sounds dirty, no matter how you explain it!

I'm not one for adding to my piercings, but I could certainly use some new studs for my ears. I'm picky, though. I'm looking for something really unique, made of amber or obsidian. No simple gold or silver for this gurl! :)

t_mcclinton85 said...

Good god. I swear, I was on your page, then right before I clicked out of it, I got a glimpse of this post. I immediately came back and read it. LOL.

I would love to have that done, actually. But my body doesn't take to piercings as well as I do, so, maybe not. ;)

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Thanks for commenting guys! I still haven't gone to the shop to get the piercing done. No stamina. Or maybe I'm just being a wimp. I dunno. Hahaha! :D


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