Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet, I got a blog award!

I received this lovely award from my lovely friend, Zoe, at her lovely blog titled: No Letters On My Keyboard. Everything is lovely because it's a "Lovely Blog" award!

Now, two things...

First, although I'm very appreciative of receiving a blog award, I already decided to make my blog "award-free." BUT because I didn't state this beforehand (as I didn't think anyone would EVER think to give my blog an award) this award will be the first and last I accept. So thank you, Zoe! (Guys go check out her blog, she's cool beans!)

I'm just amazed I'm almost at 50 followers! That's totally awesome! You guys are are great for sticking around this long. So I want to thank ALL my followers for entertaining my narcissism, haha! I'm going to express my love for you all in the form of an annoying Korean cartoon sing-along song.

Yes I posted this on my blog's one-month anniversary...but I wanted to post it again for my new followers. It's so annoyingly sugary-sweet I can't not share the cutesy goodness :D

Secondly, I have to pick no more than 15 blogs to share this award with. I will only pick three and the three I pick are for the newest coolest blogs I've discovered that no one else seems to be reading. So those three are:



TS Hendrik said...

Thank you very much. I have a similar point of view to awards as you and tend to like the uncluttered look on my blog. As a newer follower of your blog I'm quite enjoying it so I take it as an honor that you would list me as one of those three. Now I'm off to check out those other blogs.

Sarah E. Jahier said...


And thanks so much for giving me an award! :)

Vegetarian Cannibal said...


Benoit Lelievre said...

Congratulations!!! You work hard on this little piece of internet.

!sweety! said...

Greetings from the beautiful city of Thessaloniki,Greece!!!

Your blog is way cool!And congrats for the award!!I think you should accept other awards as well;I'm pretty sure you'll get many of them in the future!


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Aw, thank you Ben and Sweety! Your words put a smile on my face!

I've always wanted to go to Greece...thank you for stopping by! :D

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