Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sh*t white girls black girls

Bless her, hahaha! Almost every single comment in this video has been said to me in one form or another over the years. I absolutely LOVE how before a white person says anything racist, they start off by saying: "Not to be racist but..." or "I'm not a racist but..." *nostalgic sigh* I've been a subscriber to chescaleigh's videos for a while now and so I watched this thing before it went viral and ended up on the Anderson show. 

What makes me laugh is the nuclear fall-out from some white people (particularly white girls) who are getting all up in arms about this and calling the creator of this video a "racist." Hahaha, um...what? You DO realize this video is making FUN of the racist ignoramuses, right? She's being facetious! 

Oh the irony! The irony! 

My favorite defensive reaction is: "OMG. If a white girl did a video about the same thing, the world would explode!" Which inherently implies a sense of entitlement based around the question: "Why can she (as a black person) point out racism to white people but I (as a white person) can't point out racism to blacks?" Ok, let me answer this incessant question that has been nagging the subconscious minds of ignorant white people once and for all. You ready? Because reverse racism doesn't exist! Black people can not and do not "oppress" white people on any yeah, your misguided defensiveness is irrelevant to the discussion. 

If you're going to get mad at the video, get mad at the fact these white girls DO exist--not that the creator of this video pointed them out to you! 


Missy Jane said...

Lol, though I'd seen the "explosion" on the web, I hadn't watched the video until seeing this post. I think it's hilarious and agree getting angry over it is ignorant and naive. However, I would argue against your statement "Because reverse racism doesn't exist! Black people can not and do not "oppress" white people on any scale" because I think it does on a small scale in small groups.
But that's just my opinion based on personal experience, and as I'm neither "white" nor "black" I just stand back and shake my head at the ignorance ;-)

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Hehe, thanks for commenting on my blog, Missy! The internet is a wonderful thing, indeed. Viral videos are the best way to bring out the trolls. Bless them!

Normally I would just shake my head and laugh at the whole thing, but as I am a subscriber to Franchesca's videos, I feel it is part of my "fangirl duty" to come to her defense in times of need, lol. That and, the video is funny and I wanted to share. :D

Thanks for commenting!

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