Friday, January 27, 2012

Smexxxy Friday (Jack and Coke)

I did not know I was a whiskey girl until my 23rd birthday last month. Thanks to that experience, I now have two new lovers in my life: Jack and Coke. I'm no stranger to hard liquor--normally tequila is my poison of choice, but damn, I have never been more wasted in my life than when I drink whiskey! After 3 shots, I'm singing...crying...dancing...writing name it. It is freaking awesome!

Whiskey has this strange effect on me...I feel...kinda sexxxy when I'm drunk on it. It opens me up, raw, and makes me float on a cloud. I was drinking a Jack and Coke yesterday and danced all night to Hooverphonic's "2 Wicky." That was the best night ever! This morning I woke up around 7:30am (a new record for me) with the itching feeling to write. Note to self: if ever in need of creative inspiration, drink a Jack and Coke while dancing to Hooverphonic! 

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