Friday, January 20, 2012

Smexxxy Friday (Miss Congeniality)

This clip is hysterical. Miss Congeniality is the only Sandra Bullock movie I can tolerate without wanting to kill myself afterwards. I love the part when the guy chews on the candy bar, bwahaha! I lol'd so hard! But I wonder why guys do shit like this? They get all serious and act like they're going to do something sexy, and then they totally back out of the moment and pretend like nothing happened. Why do men DO this????

Ladies have you ever experienced anything like this? Annoying, isn't it? The most recent scenario happened to me last year during my final semester of college. There was this much-older, much-more-married, psychology professor I was sort of crushing on at the time, and he would sort of flirt with the idea but NEVER take it any further. Which irritated the HELL out of me. If he had just come out with it, I would not have cared. But FUCK, ambiguity kills me! 

I mean, he literally made me squirm in my seat from across the room just by looking at me--that's how ridiculous the situation was. Only once did he confront me in the hallway after class one day. The suddenness of it all made me gasp, but he hesitated to follow-through, and then, just as suddenly, he sprinted off in the opposite direction and ignored me for the rest of the semester afterwards. 

Looking back on it now, my obvious sexual attraction must have amused him because I feel as if he got some sort of sadistic thrill out of fucking with my head. Must be quite an ego-boost for a guy in his late 30s to have the attention of a 22yr old girl. Men are pricks! 



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