Friday, November 4, 2011

Smexxxy Friday (The Walking Dead)

Have you guys been watching this series on the AMC channel? Season 1 is up on Netflix and new episodes of the second season are on Sundays! I love The Walking Dead so much! Finally, a well-written, well-acted zombie story with a character-driven plot! If you like zombies you will LOVE this series! 

Not to mention...Jon Bernthal. Oh yes. He's my Smexxxy Friday today. He plays the character "Shane" and is Rick's best friend. In this scene, he is fucking his best friend's wife! Surprise surprise! (Spoiler alert) I think many people will think Shane is an asshole--but I sort of like him. He's a very honest character and I feel he is trying to do the right thing. Also, he's very hawt. And so very masculine and alpha-male. *cheesy fangirl smile* 

Behind the scenes:

Please give this show a try! The characters/actors are DIVERSE and the black guy doesn't die in the first episode, hahaha! I'll post more on this series as I watch more of season 2! Hopefully you guys will watch it with me!

Tune in this Sunday!


M.G. said...

i think it's hilarious when i saw Shane and Lori together i was more mad at her than Shane. how long did she wait after Shane told her Rick was dead i wonder? lol

anyways, i'm glad you love the show! Daryl is my favorite character ;)

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