Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

I cannot count how many times I've been asked: "What do vegetarians EAT for Thanksgiving?!" Usually  followed by an aghast or incredulous expression or sometimes a sympathetic shake of the head or a pitying sigh. "Oh your poor, poor thing...vegetarians must starve during the holiday season!" 

Wrong. Vegetarians and vegans alike can and do enjoy the holiday festivities just as much as our omnivore companions. I love love love Thanksgiving! It is one of my favorite holidays because I can pig out on all the tofurky I can shovel into my mouth and not have to worry about fighting over the last few mouthfuls like my meat-eating relatives do when their turkey is nearly gobbled up! 

So what is tofurky? I'm sure many omnivores have pondered on this mystical-sounding food product. Some of the images I've heard described to me are downright hysterical. "Is it a turkey-shaped blob of raw tofu? Does it cook in the oven or is it eaten cold?" 

Hahaha...silly omnivores. This is what tofurky looks like:

Nothing fancy or all that elaborate. It is made out of seitan and filled with a wild rice and mushroom stuffing. You cook it in the oven over a bed of onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery and serve it hot with cranberry sauce or vegan gravy. If you have veg*n relatives to entertain this Thanksgiving, you can look at this site HERE for information relating to where to buy or how to cook it. 

This Thanksgiving, I will be eating green bean casserole, buttery mashed potatoes, vegan stuffing, tofurky, cranberry sauce and "giblet" gravy. I will be sucking all of this all down with a fine Ruffino chianti wine (riserva ducale 2007) and a slice (or two) of pumpkin pie for dessert! Yummy! I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast! 



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