Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my valentine?

Ahhh...Valentine's day. Prompting singles to commit suicide since...well...the Middle Ages. It's kind of funny we celebrate this holiday when historically, it involved the martyrdom of some beheaded dude or (if you're the cynical sort) the pagan she-wolf ritual of Lupercalia. *Wistful sigh* Romantic, don't you think?

It may come as a shock, but I actually like Valentine's Day. There aren't a lot of things I get "girly" about, but I do enjoy receiving flowers and chocolates. At the moment, I have a wonderful bouquet of red carnations and baby's breath sitting on my desk. I bought them myself at the store since my boyfriend is too lazy to wrestle with the florist shop this late in the season. As you can see, I like to recycle soda bottles. But my desk is clean...for once. 
Heh. Many females turn their noses up at any flower that is not a rose...but I love all sorts of flowers! A flower is a flower. I wish people would get off their high-horses and think outside the box a little when it comes to valentine's day flowers. Roses are BORING. And often, too expensive! Do something different this year and get your sweety an iris! Or maybe a tulip. Hell, a bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers would be cool. 

I dunno. What do you guys normally do for valentine's day? 


M.G. said...

Generally I'm one of those singles who get annoyed with Valentine's Day. But I decided not to be like that this year. I'll enjoy it as best I can.

I agree when it comes to flowers. Roses are over-rated. Thanks again for the Tulips, they're awesome.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

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