Monday, February 20, 2012

It's finished! *happy dance*

Yeah...remember that story I was telling you about? You know, the one I had serious writer's block with for like...3 months? Yeah. I finished it. My first novel is DONE! Finished! The Ended. Holy crap! 85 thousand words of my heart and soul...all complete. 

Oh gosh! What an incredible feeling! 

Yes, I still have to plot the sequel but DAMN! I'm just so happy it is finished! At the moment I am requesting beta readers. I have one beta helping me out already (*waves* Hi, Theresa!) but I'm gonna need one more before I think I'll be ready to start querying agents.  

*happy sigh* Yeah. Being a writer today is awesome. :) I'll give more details later.


Theresa said...

Hi VC!!! lol. Yes, i'm prowling your blog. *Ggrrrr* ;) Love the layout and organization. Pft. And you say you aren't organized. *rolls my eyes* Anyway, keep us posted. *Duh-dunt-tssss* I'm so funny. Hardy-har. xo

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