Monday, October 17, 2011

Every writer needs a cheerleader!

It is easy to get discouraged as a writer. Not always are you going to look back at your work and say: "I wrote this! This is brilliant!"More often than not, you're going to look back and say: "Wow. This really sucks." And the sad truth is that you're probably right!

There is always room for improvement. Always. Even with the best editor, there will always be that one thing you could've fixed or tweaked. There's no such thing as a "perfect story." All of the "original" ideas you think you have have already been done before. And only a complete idiot would believe their point of view is so uniquely different from all of their competitors. Everything is borrowed. Nothing is new.

This realization can make many writers depressed or even disgusted with their own work. After all, how important is your story at the end of the day? Is it going to save lives? Change the world of literature? Become a blockbuster at the theaters and make you a million dollars? More than likely, no. So what's the point?

Here is when a cheerleader must step in and tell you to keep writing anyway! Every writer needs a cheerleader. Every writer needs something or someone to keep them motivated. Without it, a writer can get moody, depressed, and discouraged.

So I ask you today who is your cheerleader? What keeps YOU going?


J.A. Beard said...

My wife. Ironically, she's also brutally honest at times, too. She once told me she hated the end of one of my books are strongly encouraged me to change it.

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