Monday, December 12, 2011

Anime I'm watching...

I'm an otaku. Not gonna lie, y'all. But I'm pretty sure you guys have already figured that out by now.

I'm currently watching My Otome (you can watch it every Wednesday on Mnet during the Bandai Block) and Kampfer (you can watch the whole thing on or other online sites).

Kampfer is just stupid-silly. Ecchi...gender-bending...typical harem conventions...yeah. Craziness. I think Natsuru is like the dumbest heterosexual male on the planet. How can a seventeen year old boy be so STUPID?! In one scene, the girl literally french kisses him on the floor and he's STILL clueless as to how she feels about him. Dumb!

My Otome is much more enjoyable but it has just as much fluffy-nonsence as Kampfer. I'm digging all the yuri scenes in this series, though. It has more plot...but yeah...I would be kidding if I told you I was watching it for the "well-written story arc." Scantily-clad girls with guns and mecha robots. Bring it. ;-)


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