Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do you keep a journal?

I've often heard people say that keeping a journal or diary can help you become a better writer. I just love writing in a journal--I own several of them. I have one journal just for poetry and another for jotting down quick notes and sloppily-drawn character sketches/doodles. But my most important one is my personal journal (or diary).

I've kept a personal journal with me since I was eight years old. Over the years, I've filled at least a dozen of them. I enjoy writing in my journal. It is relaxing and it has become something of a ritual. I don't write in it every day...but at least once a month. So long as I'm writing, I'm keeping my mind sharp and my ideas clear. 

A writer should write as often as they can. Practice makes perfect. So if you haven't tried journaling yet, I would recommend you start. 

You never might help. *Shrug* 



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