Friday, March 26, 2010

Medieval Cat Tarot

My new tarot deck came into the mail on Wednesday! So happy! *insert girly squeal here* I was looking for an all-around "neutral" deck to add to my growing collection of cards. I have two Rider-Waite knockoffs already and although I thought about buying the legendary Legacy of the Divine deck by Ciro Marchetti, I'm still in desperate need of...oh wait.

...I can see by the surprised look on your face, you have no idea what I'm talking about. And I bet you weren't expecting me to be into the tarot/fortune teller thing either.

Sorry about that. Here's what I'm talking about:

I broke in my deck of kitties with my first reading! The card I pulled? Six of pentacles. Good tidings coming my way! Feeling good about my pending submissions!


Robin Eduardo said...

TK darling, you've GOT to see my home office and bedroom!!! I'm a bit of a witchy-poo myself and you'd love love love all of the mystical crap I've got laying around! I read the tarot, as well as tarjetas cubano, and I make spells and voodoo dolls as well as "lucky" trinkets for my friends. Right now I'm creating a series of "lucky dicks". Yeah, you read that right! LOL! I use super sculpy to create penis shaped charms and string them on a ribbon for good luck! My friend Lucy swears they work!

I'll post some pics up on my blog soon so you can catch a glimpse into my world! (Smile)

I'm sure you can dig it!

I love your cat deck! Very nice!

TK Turner said...

That settles it. You're my new best friend, lol. We have TOO much in common! Just TOO much, hahaha!

I would love to see the cards you use (and your "lucky dicks") hahahahahaha! :D

Robin Eduardo said...

I'll pull the pics from my myspace page, but the pics of the lucky dicks will have to wait, my daughter Kateri lost my camera! UGH!!! That's the third one in 3 years!

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